Monday, February 17, 2014

3 Signs You Can't Dance

 Hmmmm in a previous post I talked about the 5 signs you can't sing! This time it's dancing, the art I never learned that I'm going to share with you. I sound like a broken record- I love music but it doesn't seem to love me in return. I sometimes wish though that purchasing meinl drum at musicians friend would magically make my feet move gracefully to the rhythm! I doubt though that could be possible at all when I can't even wiggle a toe in unison with a lizard's sound.

So, what were...

The three (3) signs that officially convinced me my feet were not meant for dancing?

1. The dance floor makes you feel dizzy.

A long long time ago in kindergarten, I was one of those little girls dressed in mermaid-like, crepe paper half pants who entertained the townspeople in the city plaza on a summer night. I was doing well or so I thought imitating the steps of the other girl dancers, every movement a second or two late when we all had to make a full turn and exchange positions as per the choreographer's instruction. Well, Lo and behold! the trying hard, copy cut little girl dancer wanna be that was me enjoyed spinning so much that she closed her eyes! When she opened her eyes, she didn't know where right or left, north, south, west or east was! I hate to admit it but I was totally dumbfounded. I could no longer imitate the other dancer's movements because my mind was still spinning like crazy and I just stood there and waited for the song to fade. So much for my dream of becoming "star dancer" eh?

2.  Dance Steps Are Too Complicated for you to understand

 My dancing is what you could call, if there is even such a term- "intellectual dancing"-
you know, one where you stare at the dance leader, listen to her whistle a tune and say, 5,6,7,8 and then move a limb or two, shake a muscle and kick or jump or stride and  you just stand there, trying to figure out how the first movement was made, whether it was the right or left side the leader moved first!- and the cycle goes on! You even take notes, carefully draw each step but still you can't figure out how to return to step ONE! or how it was even performed for that matter! LOL

3. People Burst Out In Laughter When You're On stage

Believe me, you won't be able to admit it at first telling yourself, your friend was just kidding when he or she said you dance like a bamboo stick! I did! I did believe I am a good dancer until a dear friend frankly told me when I insisted to join them in a group dance competition- " NO! NO! You are not joining us on stage!" 

Was she able to stop me? The answer is NO! Did we win? go figure LOL! 

~don't know how to dance too? care to add more signs?~ 
~honestly I don't really care about it, now that I am done with schooling that requires dancing LOL~

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