Sunday, February 16, 2014

Healthy Living: Update On My Healthy Living Project

It is the 47th day of the year.... so far so good on my healthy living project.....

The day after heart's day I had a joyous time devouring luscious strawberries from the hubby. I had a pretty hard time stopping myself from eating 'em before taking photos.  The sun was coming out setting the mood for my daily walk. 

The berries were vividly red and almost perfectly heart shaped!  I spent an enormous time taking in their beauty with my naked eyes and then with my smartphone's lens. What is there not to love about strawberries?  They are rich in antioxidants being packed with Vitamin C! Immune boosters and heart healthy treats they most certainly are! They were the perfect match to the hubby's gift, a bouquet of mini Roses.

He was a tad late for Valentine's day dinner because he was busy working to protect citizens in his area of work. I must admit that disappointed me a bit because I fantasized about attending another themed celebration with him this year.  But what matters most and what will always matter most is that we Love each other and that nothing can ever compare to the happiness we feel when we are with our kiddos.....


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