Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Update On My Healthy Living Adventure

It's the 9th day of the year! It is a great day to celebrate life and the stepping stones we trek towards good health.

So far I have managed to stay away from soda, fatty and too salty food and to make my meals fiber, protein and vitamin rich.

I have also been brisk walking and jogging around our yard. Now that's quite a huge location change because last year I used to jog around the town proper to which both my mom and hubby agreed was risky. Yep you can say I have a protective family. I guess listening to them does have its perks!

Hanging around our home sweet home has made me fall inlove with gardening again and it is so therapeutic staring at our blooms while sweating out the extra calories.

Now to keep myself well hydrated I indulge on just enough amount of fruits for snack and dessert.

So far so good!- healthy living wise.

I just wish I could squeeze into my schedule more time to write. Right now I am riding a bus on my way to the university to work on my long overdue thesis questionnaire. Thanks to smartphones and mobile networks I can blog on the go!

Hitting publish in a bit and wishing you all a great stay on planet Earth.

My warmest hugs for those of you experiencing freezing temperatures. Take care dears.

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  1. you are so good at mobile blogging. ako, i really have to sit in front of a pc. ma-try ko nga yang mobile blogging na yan. hehehe! labyew! raining happiness talaga! way to go!
    sama ako mag-brisk walking!!!

  2. oh, such colorful foods, love them, miss the veggies there, though we have them here, but it seems to me lumaki dito ang ampalaya :) at matataba dito ang kangkong, ewan ko, na miss ko na ang fresh ampalaya from our home backyard :)

  3. I'm slowly adopting a healthier lifestyle.


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