Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Joys of Simple Life In November!

This one's for...the one who taught me..... 


The Joys of Simple Life!!!!

 Not so long ago as many of my regular readers must already know, I met cool angelic friends on-line through my now extinct Friendster blog. There was this one particular blogger who gave me my first OH-AM-GEE comment on a post I wrote about my simple quiet life. She said and I quote- "Oh am gee! I so love your writing style!"- that comment opened up the doors to the JOYS OF SHARING THOUGHTS AND IMAGES FOR ME. She introduced me to the wonderful world of BLOGGING for a purpose at The Salitype Society where the fulfillment of the dreams of kids is our goal. She blogs simply for the love of it and amazingly helps make the dreams of her scholars come true! Learning about it got me hooked to her awesome adventures! I found myself waiting for each of her posts and the "blue" nature photos she thoughtfully took for me from each of her travels. How special she made me feel I can never fully describe in in this post, inspired by my twinzy of Sweetmemoirs I am sharing with you the Joys of Simple Life I have learned to capture inspired by her soul that sees beauty in every living creature!

wings that visit each garden.....

the marvelous blue sky, waves and sand and yes even underwater fun!

I could go on and on rambling about how this friend of mine changed my life in a moment and made me appreciate more the things that money can not buy.....

Meet my wonderwoman friend Betchai!!!
Me and Betchai meeting for the first time in person December 27, 2012 
~photo taken by my cousin Raquel~
With so much pride I can say that Betchai is one very sweet, generous, no non-sense, beautiful, prayerful person who inspires me everyday to thank the Lord for LIFE, Friendship and nature's finest....

Happy Birthday Betchai!!!!

May you always be blessed with everything your heart desires!

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  1. Beautiful pictures from amazing nature, thanks much again Zen, glad I found blogging besties in you and Che to live our dreams of purposeful writing :) love yah


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