Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Cotswold Magnetic Attraction

Working from home
Many people are choosing to work from home these days, and where better than to do this than in a beautiful, picturesque cottage garden in the Cotswolds on a warm, sunny day. This may not always be possible when you live in big, bustling cities like London due to the noise, air quality and lack of a garden.
You will be among one of the many people who want to enjoy birds singing in the trees, the bunnies hopping on the hills while you work in the garden and listen to the gentle trickle of the stream flowing past the end of your garden. Since the early 1990’s there has been a steady migration of people coming to the Cotswolds from the South East of England and from London, mostly working age people with children in tow.
Winter in the Cotswolds can be incredibly cold as on the hills there is nothing to stop the wind, but it is beautiful. The cottages covered in snow, the hills and mountains all snow covered, there is nothing like it. Adults will enjoy sledging down the hills in the snow as much, if not more than the children do.
Moving from London to the Cotswold can work out to be expensive if you hire a professional removal company; so many people opt for a self-drive removal van. There are many self-hire companies which hire vans of all shapes and sizes to the public for this very purpose. There are also different van hire companies dealing with different forms of van hire including:
  • Contract van hire
  • Cheap van hire
  • Self-drive van hire
  • Transit van hire
Companies servicing you will be professional and are interested in making sure that you have the right van for your purpose and that you are totally satisfied and comfortable with your van and your move.
If you are moving to the Cotswolds from another country, then your van can be arranged to meet you at the airport so that you can pick it up from there and load it with your furniture brought from your home.
The Cotswold is a beautiful hilly countryside which stretches 90 miles in total length. Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire are where most of the Cotswolds are, although it stretches as far as Warwickshire, Wiltshire, Somerset and Worcestershire.
The Cotswold is not all relaxation and serenity, it is a quieter atmosphere than the hustle and bustle of cities granted. It is a working environment (farming and agriculture) all the same so you will need to be prepared for mud, on the road, animal noises while you are working inside or outside and slow moving farm traffic such as tractors, sprayers and combines along the roads.
What van do I need?
If you are unsure about what van you need and any offers there may be then you should ask a trained member of staff who will go through your options with you and give you a detailed description of all their services, offers and vehicles.
Most van rental services include offers such as:
  • One way rentals
  • Additional drivers
  • Young drivers
  • Vehicles specially designed for disabled persons
Most van rental companies will boast a wide range of vehicles which are perfect for your house move to the country, away from the hustle and bustle of your old life including:
  • Mercedes Sprinter 4m – 12.28 cu.m and payload of 1239kg
  • Ford Luton Box Van – 12.58 cu.m and a payload of 1450kg
  • 7.5 ton Box van – 22.1 cu.m and a payload of 3500kg
Do make sure that you take time to read all the small print and the terms and conditions when taking out a vehicle on hire, for example, check that the V.A.T is inclusive, insurance and the miles are unlimited. Is there any breakdown assistance that comes with the van hire in case your van breaks down on the way to your new home?

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