Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Healthy Living: Today's "Fruitigoodness"- Mango and "Suman" Surprise

There is one local delicacy that I love most! It is sort of an heirloom from my great great grandparents. Suman (rice cake triangularly wrapped in banana leaves) and served with a bit of sugar or more sumptuously with one of my fave fruit! - "mango" all ripe in its golden yellow sweet surprise!

Aaaah this is perfect for  breakfast and snackin' on a day when I need somethin' to lift up my spirit! Those rice cakes are part of the family tradition of celebrating life's great moments...New Year tops that list. I remember grandma putting "suman" on a basket hanged at a corner in her kitchen safe from ants and rice cake hoarder kids like me!~silly grin~

To this day I have not perfected the art of making "suman", to phrase it more accurately I have not yet tried cooking some alone!- which reminds me to prepare this for the family to enjoy on New Year's Eve to keep the family tradition alive and pass on the lessons of  "patience, endurance and love" that comes from the sticky rice cooking procedure. The sticky rice in the earlier days came from the crop produced by my farming ancestors. The grains would be manually milled after a laborious process of harvesting and drying under the sun for days. I can picture how much love and passion enriched each rice cake! So personally I think no modernly baked cake comes close to suman's natural taste!

I will share with you the recipe next time because for now I just can't resist the "fruiti-goodness" below waiting for me to devour!

Have A blessed New Year Everyone!!!
May lots of LOVE be shared the whole year round and may PEACE reign in every heart!♡

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  1. Looks good. I love fresh fruits and veggies.

  2. Ahhhh, love it, I am targeting to make suman for New Year :) wish me luck :)


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