Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Daily Prayer of A Physician

join me in prayer fellow healers...

Almighty God, 

Source of Life,
I praise and thank you for your Divine Providence that has made me Your chosen instrument
to take care of the life 
and health of your people.

May I practice my profession
with love and without discrimination
against any person whether rich or poor,
good or bad, enemy or friend,
but may I be ever ready to come to their aid,
to preserve their health and to save lives.

Grant that my patients may have trust in me
and follow my directions and my counsel.
Give me presence of mind 
to do all my duties with precision
and a tender heart,
to treat my patients with compassion.

May I always strive to extend
my knowledge and skill
not out of thirst for money,
admiration and renown,
but that I may grow in love and service
through my noble profession.

Almighty God, Source of Life,
from you comes all healing 
of body and soul.
Support me in this great task
you have entrusted to me
that it may benefit your people.
In my encounter with my patients, 
may I be an instrument 
that will draw them closer 
to You in faith and love.

~an adaptation, lifted from MOMENTS WITH GOD prayer booklet compiled by Ma. Antonieta D. Molina, FSP~

~a patient whom I consider a grandpa so dear to my heart recently passed away, it saddens me that he has left this world and I will never see his smile nor hear his gentle voice again saying I am one of his favorite doctors but I feel he is now at peace and happy wherever he is...

~Being appreciated for what we do is the most precious gift us doctors receive; a simple thank you or "God bless you doctor" is music to our ears and touches the very core of our being....sharing with you a prayer I found in the booklet my patient/friend's daughter handed to me, one of the best gifts I have ever received in this lifetime...a guide to serving the Lord through humble works of faith....thank you so much for everything ma'am ate Girlie...lolo is now an angel watching over all of us from Above...

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  1. Whenever I see the "Doctor's Prayer" in superman's room I remember you. :)

    Godbless one of the 10 Outstanding Provincial Public Servants! Such an award may be less important than the happy smiles and thankful hearts of patients who got well in your hands. Having said that, I still believe you very well deserve the award. So proud of you! Yabyew my twinzypotsy! :D


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