Tuesday, January 14, 2014

"My Way," A Filipina's Journey to Victory

I can't sing, I can not even whistle a tune! Perhaps not even an allora student series bb clarinet model aacl-336 could tame my voice.

But a fellow Filipina- Rose Fostanes swept a foreign nation off their feet performing songs of different genre in X-factor Israel.

She makes me so proud of  our race that it feels almost as if I could also belt out Frank Sinatra's "My Way" without scaring off the entire neighborhood!

Join me follow her journey to victory through video performances I borrowed from youtube and get that "goody good" feeling of being one with the crowd and a winner who takes it all!

photo from x-factor Israel

When asked whether she thinks she could win the competition (X-factor Israel), this 46 y/o lady from the Philippines working in Tel Aviv Israel singing for a huge crowd for the very first time said she will try her best. Apparently her best wowed the judges and they gave the following comments and was rendered a standing ovation!

  • "take it in, take it in because you deserve it so much" "...
  • "sounded like a CD playing, so perfect!"
  •  "I just can not believe this is your first time on stage, it's crazy...no words!"
Still single because all she did was work for her family caring for old people in a foreign country, something she loved doing so much the lyrics of the song by Shirley Bassey she sang for the audition perfectly describes her LIFE...

(click on the videos and enjoy! credits to the owners of the videos)

Of course she made it on the second round, this time performing a lady Gaga piece...

...and got another standing ovation...


On Wednesday of week one she performed Beautiful...
on Saturday she sang Valerie
Week 2
Wednesday she sang "I (Who Have Nothing)"

and performed "Born This Way," by Lady Gaga on Saturday, December 28

Week 3/Quarter Final

Bohemian Rhapsody! oh yeah!

and on the semi-final- "Because of You"

on the finals night she gave her rendition of Frank Sinatra's My Way...and yes she did it!

Congratulations Rose!!!!!
Whew, you made me cry with happiness!!!

Hurray for all the hard-working Filipinos all over the world whose love for their families make them, simply the best!

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  1. wow, thanks for sharing Zen, indeed, her life change because she gave herself a chance, what a talent

  2. here again Zen, she makes me cry, gee, what a powerful voice, and what an inspiration, so happy for her

  3. whoa, nakakaiyak naman ang victory niya. dami talagang magagaling na singer na Pilipino, i wonder nasan tayo nung nagbuga ng fairy dust for great vocal talent ang Music fairy. hahahahahaha. tama ba sinabi ko, bahala ka na umintindi, hahahahaha! labyew! cheers to moo-sik happine$$. :D

  4. OMG i did watched all of the videos above, she really have a powerful voice!! Hat's off,I salute you Rose, Cheers!

  5. Lucky lady, I should say, for sure. She has the talent to compete even before coming to Israel.

  6. wow!!! she make me did cry on her last performance...and she should deserve to win that....amazing!

  7. That is just W-O-W! She deserves all the best! X-Factor Israel is surely the start of a new life for her. I just wish good things will continue to happen to her. :)

  8. here again Zen, and having a great time again listening to her, such a very beautiful and soothing voice, she is just soooo good, no shouting at all, just pure pure singing.

  9. I've seen her on TFC. I'm so happy for her success. Makes me more proud to be Pinoy!

  10. I love her rendition of the "Born This Way", such a talent. Congratulations Rose!

  11. Ahh. She's blessed with an amazing voice and talent. Another Filipino pride.

  12. She has a very powerful voice. I love listening to her singing “My Way”. ^_^ Congrats to Rose.

  13. Congrats Rose! We are proud of you.

  14. I saw her in YouTube videos and like you I am blown away with her talent ;-) She is one amazing Filipino and we are very proud of her, don't we? I love to sing(I think I have a voice :-) buy you need to plug your ears though :-)

  15. Congrats, she could be the next Nanette Inventor. I'm serious.

  16. She is an inspiration! Sobrang galing niya talaga :) We are proud of her!


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