Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Heathy Living: Update on My Healthy Living Project

Five (5) Ways To Stick To Your Healthy Eating Plan

oats and some berries, what I had for breakfast

I've made it to day fifteen! No soda, calorie counting and regular brisk walking. Yey!!! Believe me it is quite a feat! For someone like me who loves flavorful meals and whose appetizer is the love of family and friends it's totally a mind game controlling these urges to binge.

I am proud to say I was able to say NO to offers of those colorful, sweet, cold, temporarily refreshing drinks that come in bottles! I learned through researching on ways to keep a healthy diet that...

1. Acknowledging our little victories helps a lot to boost our determination to stick to our dieting.

2. It pays to "think before you open your mouth"- before you put a spoonful of something looking oh so delectable to chew on and munch, take time to breathe in and breathe out. Is the food okay for your system? Will it contribute to making your body's immunity strong or will it drive your sugar and cholesterol level to the ceiling? If the answer is the latter then don't eat it! Grab the glass of water instead and drown your cravings.

3. However, there are times when you also need to reward yourself with a little bit of the sinful goodies otherwise you might go nuts! But remember to eat them in moderation and to take time to burn those extra calories.

4. Whatever you do, do not give up! 

 People might try their best to sway you to join them instead having the time of their life, drinking beer and soda or feasting on fats and carbohydrate loaded recipes like there is no tomorrow but keep your eye on your goal! Tell them politely that NO, thank you, you are on a diet. That statement would be responded with a lot of chuckles, laughter and ridicule even but just shrug your shoulder and walk away if you must. Not joining them when you can not stop them in this case is ALWAYS the right thing to do.

5. Your goal is not merely to lose weight but to make healthy eating a LIFESTYLE and ultimately to live a long, sickness free life you could use inspiring and helping others.

...now these 5 bullets on sticking on a healthy eating regimen are for me too to keep reading when the urge to GIVE UP and go back to wayward lifestyle becomes too strong...please add your inputs too so we could support each other onwards to GOOD HEALTH!

...our bodies are the temple of the One Above and goodness is spread through us so let's keep these senses working in full swing...

...to see beauty in every living creature...

..and touch so many LIVES for the better....

One of our latest blooms in the garden being kissed by a baby bee

Have a blessed day one and all!

I am using the Google automatically uploaded photos on my smartphone for posting some photos here and the ones posted here have a motion feature which was created auto with the series of four five shots. I love smartphones and Google+! :)

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  1. so happy for you Zen, these are very helpful tips, especially thinking twice before opening the mouth, I should!! haha, i don't think twice kasi. :) I believe Khai and I have a high carbohydrate diet, since we eat mostly fruits and vegetables, and they are carbs, but the good carbs I hope :) , haha!! We very seldom eat meat, but I believe some vegetables such as kale, lettuce, bitter melon, beans, tofu, etc are also good sources of proteins. but i believe, everyday, we eat more carbs than fats and proteins because of our high vegetable and fruits diet, but then, we do need carbs for energy to be active, right? love yah!!!

  2. you will go nuts indeed if you don't reward yourself once in a while. hahaha! cheers to healthy eating! i will start in Feb. hahahaha!


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