Thursday, January 16, 2014

Berries and Flowers For Mom- A Surprise...So Please Don't Tell Her!

My mom is miles away from me. She's been living in the U.S. for almost two years now. We are able to communicate everyday through technology but somehow that is never enough to fill her longing to be with us, her family.

The other day she sent me a message through viber saying she's feeling so down and missing her grandkids terribly. I was so tempted to tell her to book a flight back home. I hesitated because that would probably make her truly break down knowing I am not strong enough to deal with our temporary separation and sent her a hug icon instead.

I miss her, a lot. Her presence was terribly missed last Christmas season and on her birthday December 30th I wanted to send her some flowers. I had no idea though what website is best. I was meaning to ask my friends on that side of the world but somehow when we spoke for almost two hours over the phone our yearning to embrace and see each other was filled.

She was having colds the other day. It's chilly in here she said although she is thankful it wasn't snowing. We talked about dad and that last Valentine's Day he took her to celebrate in a resto to dance the night away, complete with a dozen of Roses. Gee, that made her miss us her kids all the more because dad has long left us to be in heaven.

Though she said she was fine and that I should worry not a bit I feel her blues and want to cheer her up the best way possible! Then came an e-mail from a friend telling me about...

Shari's Berries

I was like- eureka! I found what I was looking for! mom's favorites!

Oh boy I was thrilled! Just seeing those strawberries dipped in milk and topped with almonds and chocolates lifted my blues in a flash! I bet my mom who also is a berry and Roses lover would get jaw dropped if I sent her some through Shari's Berries site! If you want to send get well gifts and bring cheer to someone you care for you would want to send only the best.

I would particularly love to send her two gifts, two days in a row....

A dozen hugs, a dozen kisses and 12 dipped fancy strawberries from Shari's Berries you could check out here.

A Dozen Hugs, a Dozen Kisses & 12 Dipped Fancy Strawberries
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12 red tulips paired with 12 blue iris and 12 delicious gourmet dipped strawberries.

I'd love to send her both the two sets of gifts, the strawberry Roses and the hugs and dozen of kisses gift package! It is amazing that I could get a discount purchasing two gift sets for her simply using a code.

Hmmmm when do I send her? I can't wait! It would be one very sweet surprise for my Mom, the best and one and only in the world for me! No occasion needed to cheer her up because everyday is Mom's day coz they never stop loving us no matter how big we get!

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  1. those are the kind of things you mother would truly love and cherish through your thoughtfulness she will feel even more love.

  2. Awww! Doc, your Mom looks very young :-) You make me missed my Mama too :-( I am sure that your Mom will love the chocolate or flowers deliver fresh for her :-)

  3. yummy chocolates, am sure your mom would love them Zen, your post makes me miss nanay so much, i wish I could buy her chocolates too.

  4. goodluck to you sis! i am sure your mom would love it! last time I gave my mom a deep fryer haha she was excited to receive it from lazada hehe

  5. Now, I terribly miss my Mom. Anyway, if your Mom is my neighbor I will kill the surprise hahaha (tsismosa ako) lol. Is she somewhere near NY? Not that I will spoil your surprise, I was just kidding. This is a nifty gift idea for her on V day.

  6. So sweet of you to bring flowers and chocolates to your mom! I would do the same thing just for her to feel that I love my mom.. :)

  7. Ang sweet! You'll never go wrong to make someone smile with chocolates and roses/flowers. ^_^ For sure, she'll get well soonest because of happiness.

  8. You are such a sweet daughter. Kapangalan ko pala si Mam mo hehehe. I am sure that your MOm will love receiving those.

  9. Very thoughtful! And although you get to talk with her often, something like this will surely bring her to a good this! <3


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