Wednesday, January 15, 2014

5 Tips for Incorporating Adjustable Desks Into Your Workspace

Many business owners have heard about all the great benefits of providing each of their workers with adjustable tables and want to use them to improve their employees’ office spaces. Here are a few tips on how to make the transition from conventional desks to ones that can be adjusted for sitting or standing use.
1. Go Electric
Many people find that they cannot immediately go from sitting all day to standing all day. This is understandable, given that most office workers have been sitting at desks for more than eight hours a day for their entire professional careers. The muscles used to stand are different from those used in sitting, and it often takes several weeks for employees to adjust to standing at their work stations. Plus, even after workers have had time to adjust, some prefer the variety of toggling between sitting and standing throughout the day. Given this initial adjustment period, and the fact that some workers may still want to sit at their desks occasionally, many businesses prefer to opt for electric desk options when they decide to invest in ergonomic work stations. These types of adjustable desks can be raised and lowered with the push of a button, making it quick and easy to go from sitting to standing.
2. Encourage Good Ergonomic Work Practices
It is well-established that it is healthier for employees to use standing desks, but simply changing the layout of a work station will not guarantee benefits. This is why it is important for employers to encourage their employees to use good ergonomic work practices, such as using appropriate footwear and being aware of their postures. Depending on the size of your organization, you may wish to bring your human resources department into this discussion in case employee handbooks need to be revised.  
3. Keep the Elements of Your Office That Work  
Opting for sit-stand desks does not mean you need to get rid of all your existing office furniture. For example, if you already have high-quality table tops, you can often keep them when you switch to ergonomic desks; adjustable tables are available in a wide variety of styles and types, and can usually be purchased as frames if you so desire.
4. Determine What Types of Desk Accessories You Need
Usually, businesses will choose to invest in accessories that will work well with sit-stand desks. These can include monitor arms, additional computer screens, CPU holders, and keyboard trays. You may wish to spend some time analyzing what types of accessories you may want to use as you transition from conventional desks to adjustable work tables.
5. Consult With a Professional
For some businesses, it may be prudent to employ an ergonomics professional to perform an onsite assessment of your floor plan and work stations. Companies choose to use such professionals for various reasons, including:
  • Creating custom ergonomics solutions for specific issues
  • Developing or improving a company-wide ergonomics program  
  • Solving technical or organizational efficiency problems
  • Training human resources and/or maintenance departments on how to implement ergonomics solutions
Ergonomic desks can provide your business with increased profits and your employees with a lot of benefits. Begin researching these possibilities today to be on your way to improved employee health and productivity.

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  1. Great info. Too much sitting with a desk job for sure!

  2. Adjustable desks are indeed effective for workers. To produce better working improvement and to help workers from getting rid of back pain or any other related pains I think adjustable desks are highly recommended. These five tips will definitely help incorporating the best choice of sitting. Thanks.


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