Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Money Saving Tips for Moving Across Town

Even a local move takes a lot of planning, and more often than not ends up costing people more than they expected, you can find out what help is available by visiting Even if you invite a few friends over to help, and decide to handle the moving chores yourself, the hidden costs can still add up pretty quickly. But moving day doesn't have to break the bank, and with a little know how and some creative thinking, it's possible to make that crosstown move and still save a little bit of cash. If your planning a move to a new home across town, keep these helpful money saving tips in mind.
Saving Money On Moving Supplies
Buying moving supplies is one of the larger expenses that people have to deal with when they move to a new home. But before you pay top dollar at the hardware store, consider a few of these money saving alternatives.
Free Boxes – Instead of buying high priced moving boxes at a store, why not get your boxes for free? Check with your local supermarket, big box outlet or liquor store, and ask if they would be willing to part with some of the empty boxes from their weekly deliveries. Most businesses are only too happy to give regular customers their old boxes. It's good for customer relations, and it saves them the cost of recycling the unused boxes.
Buy in Bulk – Moving supplies like tape, labels and bubble wrap can be expensive, particularly if you are shopping at a hardware store or other specialty shop. Most common packing supplies can be found at discount stores and big box outlets where they can be bought in bulk at greatly reduced prices. If you feel hesitant about buying your packing supplies in bulk, don't. Most people end up needing far more tape and bubble wrap than they expect, so your money will be well spent.
Surf the 'net – A great way to save money on moving supplies is to take to the internet. Websites like and are great sources for cheap, and often times free, moving supplies. These sites act as warehouses for recycled moving supplies that have been donated by people who have just complete a move, and want to see their excess packing supplies put to good use rather than thrown in the trash.
Saving Money on the Van Rental
Many people choose to rent a van when they are making a crosstown move. It's convenient, and it's definitely a money saving alternative to hiring a professional moving company. But even hiring a van, and doing the heavy lifting yourself, can cost a fair amount of money. To save money on the cost of hiring a moving van, consider planning your move on a weekday, and during the middle of the month. Most people plan their move over the course of a weekend, and usually at the end of the month. These are peak times for van rental companies, and they know it. However, in order to increase business during non-peak times rental firms will often offer sizable discounts on their moving vans. By planning your crosstown move for a weekday, and during the middle of the month, you can take advantage of some great rental deals and save even more money on your move.
Moving across town may be less expensive than moving across the country, but it can still put a big dent in your bank account. These few tips can help you save money on your next crosstown move, money that can be better spent settling into your new home.

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