Thursday, December 5, 2013

Healthy Living: Update on My Weight Loss Project

 It is week two (2) of my weight loss project. I am proud to say I am still hanging on! I am in no hurry to lose weight. My goal is to make healthy eating and exercising a lifestyle. I have been counting my calorie intake and so far my brain has been programmed to refuse unhealthy food. I am still looking for a weight loss partner though!

I have found a walking buddy! Not one who walks along with me though but one I could carry and hug and kiss and talk to along the way. Meet Jhuny, a year old nephew who loves tagging along on my early morning walks. When he becomes fidgety I take it as a cue to hand him over to his mom and to start jogging and sweating out on my own. 

 I am slowly finding my way back into the arms of gardening and all its pleasures. So many of my countrymen are still hungry and homeless. A part of my plan is to keep doing my part to help them spiritually and in action.

Thank you for once again reading my thoughts and inspiring me to live a purposeful, meaningful life. 

May your day be blessed and together let us embrace A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE!

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  1. Go for it Zen, gardening is such a joy. I am more fond of Filipino/Asian vegetables though, but I know you eat them too :)


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