Thursday, November 14, 2013

Healthy Living: Reaching Out: A Call For Unity

It's been days since the worst catastrophe of this era hit my motherland. I am still regaining my physical  strength from a viral sickness and it surprises me that I have been seemingly in the state of shock learning of the fate and tragic stories of typhoon Haiyan victims. Like many of you most probably experienced, tears would suddenly fall from my eyes from time to time in my solitude.

It feels as though a part of me has died and I can not smile much more laugh knowing that somewhere in my beloved birthplace a mother is weeping for the death of sons or daughters whose bodies she can't even locate; that not very far away many are dreaming of a drop of water to quench their thirst, a bread to stop the grumbling of a kid's stomach or a bandage to stop an old woman's bleeding feet. I am grieving with all of them and praying with every breath I take that no one ever gets to suffer that way again. 

I spent hours just watching the news and reading the innumerable views and opinions on social networking sites. I salute those who have done their part in silence and anonimity and instead of wasting time arguing and finding fault humbly and sincerely sent help in whatever means possible and are still toiling to give more. I know many and not a few are close to my heart. May you be continually blessed though I am sure you expect nothing in return.

The rain is pouring outside as I type yet the atmosphere remains too warm. Our environment is crying out for help. Let's focus on green revolution oncemore. Over the years the advancement in infrustructure and technology has been our focus and our motherland has been in misery.

There isn't much we can do to bring back lost time but we can make a difference now by helping change ourselves into better, more responsible and caring individuals and that light of change and hope starts within our hearts....

In union with the rest of the world working for peace and sharing blessings.

Reach out and help! Because we have the power to make someone's life brighter.

And to once and for all make our motherland and our ancestors proud!

~to every nation who've been generously sending aid, thank you from the bottom of our hearts~

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  1. I have seen many pages set up so that people can send help, and I pray that help will arrive soon for those who are desperately needed..

  2. i just read in IG that a doctor in Leyte who immediately donated 30k to the victims was murdered by akyat bahay gang. huhuhu, what is happening? kinikilabutan ako, let's also pray for peace and order at sana makarating ang tulong sa lalong madaling panahon para mabawasan ang mga nagsa-suffer. Lord, have mercy on us all.

  3. hope you feel better now Zen, I sadly felt sick too but thankfully, getting better now too. I hope and pray that the situation will get better there, though it will take a lot of time and HELP to recover and build, and start anew. it is these times where we all need to stand together and be strong, not be divided by the storm.

    love yah, hope you feel better.

  4. ate kulasa, ive been feeling so down also these past few days, just watching the news and all the stuff in facebook about the typhoon. It is so hard to be happy and celebrate when you know others are grieving. It does not help that people are blaming and hating each other. And also people giving negative comments make my head ache. haha. What has happened creates a lot of questions in my head. About God, what his plans are...but i take comfort in the wisdom of my mom when she said, quoting the bible that there is a time for everything. And that everything is beautiful in God's time.


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