Monday, November 18, 2013

Healthy Living: Remembering The Good Old Days Dancing In the Barrio

This morning I was listening to songs while working. I have this small music box sort of thingy which plays songs on the go. It was a gift from the hubby. Hmmm can you call something which you saw at your hubby's office and asked to take home a gift? (silly grin) I don't know what it's called but it looks like this:

The hubby stored in its memory card songs that were popular during our ammm errr younger years. It made me think of those cold December nights dancing under the stars with someone on-stage playing tricks on everyone. I wonder what  dj packages could do these days to enhance the fun of playing songs.

 There used to be Christmas celebrations in every community on my side of the world where the youth would all eagerly participate and dance the night away. I remember sitting on the hall anxious and excited at the same time. When sweet music played, men and boys and those whose age fell in between would rush towards the girl of their fancy and ask to dance with them. I honestly hated dancing with men who smelled of beer and smoke yet was too courteous to refuse. I think men had to take gulps of beer to have the courage to ask us for a dance. They would then chew a thousand bubble gums and spray ounces of perfume in an attempt to make the liquor smell disappear. Oh what an ordeal!

One time a man with very long whitish hair took me to the dance floor. He was obviously drank and too old to be my partner. He actually looked like someone who came out of a fairy tale book, a combination of dwarf and ogre. Don't get me wrong, I am not a judgmental person. It was what he actually looked like minus the exaggeration. Out of respect I endured the agonizing minutes of allowing him to hold me by the waist and putting my hands on his chest. I could see my friends giggling in a corner and having a frenzy over my misfortune. He did not do anything malicious to me yet those minutes being physically close to a stranger gave me the creeps.

It felt exactly the opposite when the love of your life asks for your hand, takes it in his and leads you under the strove lights. Agree? Your heart would not stop beating too fast and it's dizzying to keep staring into his eyes. It  is as if he has superpowers and you are hypnotized. I know most of you are familiar with that feeling of wanting to be with a person FOREVER. Even when the music stops you'd be hearing a melody inside your heart and everything else in the world does not seem to matter. The only person you see is the one in front of you and the only voice you hear is his.

Oh the magic of dancing under the stars! It haunts me to this day.

I leave you with one song that defined my generation....or so I think :)

"and I pray, Oh my God do I pray, I pray every single day..."

taking a minute to pray for those who are hungry and sick
may your day be blessed...

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