Monday, November 11, 2013

Healthy Living: Prayer Request For Haiyan Victims

Our beloved countrymen are in need of basic goods: food, water, shelter and lots of prayer. 

In these trying times I simply can not close my eyes and not extend a helping hand. May we all do our part as a nation to aid our fellow Filipino. 

Children are suffering, many have died and the pain in survivor's eyes is heart wrenching. 

We would like to thank the generous nations who have sent aids and who continually pray with us...and with all the organizations and individuals in the country doing their best to bring help and hope to the affected areas may you be blessed with good health and God's amazing grace. 

These trying times give us great opportunity to EARN TICKETS TO HEAVEN, we can all be angels! When we share we gain a halo and a wing! and help create a Miracle..

God bless the Philippines. 

For a List of Charitable institutions to contact for donations please click HERE. 

3 yorum:

  1. Lovely post, my thoughts and prayers go out to the Philippine people.

  2. love that picture of lighting candle, praying with you Zen, hope the victims will find comfort and strength and soon will recover and build, hope they get as much help as they could to start anew.


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