Sunday, November 10, 2013

HeaIthy Living: Battle with Mr. Flu

So here l am now officially down with the Flu and stubbornly fighting it. My mom sweetly gave me all the essential tips as always when we spoke over the phone. l love how she makes me feel so comfy like a child though she is miles away. 

She heard me cough and offered her lemonade virtually. Yes she heard the sneezing and detected the stuffy nose through my voice. She reminded me to have my FIu vaccine because l keep forgetting.

Next she lovingly gave the child in me a rundown of anti Flu (cough and colds and fever with body malaise) tactics...

She knows me fully well when l am ill.  With an M.D. degree I detest taking meds for discomforts needing only supportive treatment. And yes Mr. Flu is included in the list being caused by a virus which the body could get rid off without complications provided one's immune system is strong. 

So for lunch I enjoyed my mom in law's "Sinigang Na Bangus" (milkFish with sour soup) using fresh tamarind from the yard...radish and native Pechay leaves. It was yum! Gee you can say l am quite a spoiled girl in my late thirties being pampered by the best MOMS in the world...biological and in law so beware Mr. FLU, no one ever wins against maternal Love and Care.

l had juicy Fruits (oranges..lemon and apples) to give me my natural vitamin C dose.

l am drinking lots of fluid and l am OFF to doze in awhile to allow my body to heal Faster. I'm using my Samsung galaxy Note 2 to blog now so l am comfortably just lazing in bed which l am actually enjoying. l have the roughest times at work and nurses Call me Dr. Toxic. l always have a Smile to offer anyone though no matter how gruelling tasks are. (silly grin) l Sincerely love my job so Mr.Flu must leave me soon.

l need my dose of happy dreams so "Mornite" friends For NOW.

Praying for everyone's health and Safety specially my countrymen whose homes were ravished by supertyphoon Haiyan. Inspired by my wonderwoman friend Betchai of THE JOYS OF SIMPLE LIFE
I am sharing with you a link to a list of charitable institutions you can contact to send much needed help to victims. Thank you Betchai for leading me to purposeful blogging.

You may also want to check out our group blog THE SALITYPE SOCIETY where we help  kids' dreams come true. You can say that am hooked to sharing my thoughts online. It is therapy for me. I will let you in on a secret, it is my first LOVE, writing is my 1st love and healing is my other passion: combined they make me who I am-
Dr. KULASA.. .

Have a blessed Sunday one and all. ♡

Oh before I go I leave you a serious attempt at being funny while on a break  at work because I firmly believe,


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  1. I hope you will feel better soon. Flu season is around now around my neck of the woods..and I am trying to fight it :-)

    Love the new look of your blog!

  2. hope you're feeling better now. i miss sinigang na bangus. thanks for the inspiration sis. love you.

  3. hope you feel better soon Zen, and yes, you are spoiled, gee, you enjoy that sinigang na bangus, soooo yummy! without cooking, cooked for you with love by MIL.

  4. Aww. So sweet of your mom to call and give tips. I love sour fish soup.

  5. pagaling na!!! you are one spoiled brat just like me, hehehe!

    kidding aside, keep the help and prayers flowing for the Filipino people. God bless Philippines and our countrymen.


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