Tuesday, November 26, 2013

How To Keep Warm & Cosy Through The Christmas Holidays

One of the best things about the winter is being able to cosy up inside when it’s freezing outdoors. There is nothing better than feeling nice and warm in the winter. You don’t have to spend the Christmas holidays shivering at home when the snow starts falling, there are plenty of ways to keep yourself warm. You don’t always have to turn the heating up, before you get tempted to turn that dial try some other ways of keeping warm. These things will help you save money and energy and make you feel more festive over Christmas.

Festive Drinks
Try making some festive hot drinks when you are starting to feel a bit chilly. Try hot drinks such as spiced tea, hot chocolate, mulled wine and chai latte. Sipping on one of these tasty hot drinks will instantly make you feel warmer, especially if you have spent some time outside getting cold.

You can’t beat a good fireplace in the winter. Get your fireplace going and all the family can cosy up around the fire and keep nice and warm. Open fires are fantastic at Christmas and as soon as they get going it will really feel like winter.

Hot Water Bottles
Don’t underestimate the power of a hot water bottle. Instead of turning your heating on try filling up a hot water bottle and getting comfy on your sofa. They are also quite good to take to bed with you to get your covers warm quickly.

Dressing Gown
In the winter you are allowed to spend significantly more time in your dressing gown. It’s so nice to put on a warm, fluffy dressing gown when the house is feeling a little cold. As soon as the temperature starts to drop get your dressing gown out from storage or buy a new one to keep you warm through the winter.

We lose an awful lot of heat through our feet. Don’t wander round your house in December without any shoes, socks or slippers on. Get out your trusty pair of slippers and wear them when you are relaxing at home.

Warm Winter Coat
You will need a decent winter coat for the days when you do have to face the cold outdoors. If you have a coat that is warm enough you won’t need to worry about going outside on those frosty winter days. It’s good to go outside and get some fresh air even on the coldest days so just make sure you have a quality winter coat to protect you.

Lots Of People
An easy way to warm up a room is to have a lot of people in it. The more friends and family you have round over the Christmas holidays the cosier it will feel in the house.

Roast Dinners
Having lots of roast dinners over the Christmas holidays will help you feel cosy. Having a big meal will warm you up and turning the oven on will also help to heat your house up. Leave it open when you finish cooking!

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  2. If you are petite, expect to have to have dresses bought online fitted, but that would be the only thing, I didn't even need to wear a corset underneath.


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