Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Healthy Habits: Gardening At Home

After months of being monopolized by Vietnam Roses, our yard now has welcomed a larger collection of flowers with the hard-work of my MIL. Nah, I admit the credit goes to my MIL as I am mostly preoccupied with paperwork and on-line busyness (lame excuse).  She's added more orchids and roses to my cacti collection.

The hubby who used to disagree with my planting other botanical species at home has surrendered to our girl-power. 

and now the yard has more flowers that my winged friends get to enjoy!
I think I just inspired myself to work more in the garden!
Come join us save mother Earth! 

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  1. Gardening at home has so many benefits - food (if you grow vegetables), health (if you grow specific herbs) and beauty (when you plant flowers)!
    Though my garden is now asleep because of the cold, i plant all 3 and reep the benefits during the warm months! It is always good to see others do the same

  2. oh i love your garden Sis. I wish I don't have issues with dirt so I can have my own garden. lol


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