Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Family, Health and Home: Our Christmas Tree and Cats

Guess who's found the energy to help his dad fix our tree! Our big baby Roel thank God is kicking again and back to laughing out loud filling our home sweet home with joy. Yesterday he helped his dad set up the tree by our porch. They were kidding me about my obsession with capturing their images and Roel gave me that artificial huge grin.

The tree was partially set up with very minimal decors hanging on it. Look who's busy watching over those glistening Christmas balls when I checked this morning!

..our cat Leanne was staring at it wary that it might be blown by the wind...
..and guess who else?

I was surprised to see our cat Vhea also sleeping underneath the tree! 
I guess our animal kiddos are as excited as everyone else is in the family to spend Christmas at our home sweet home. There is a huge chance we just might get to spend the eve home this year instead of at the hubby's work place.

At any rate, anywhere we are I am sure as long as we are together as a family, the spirit of Christmas lives on.

~Thinking of our many brethren who lost their homes and loved ones and praying they get to spend a meaningful Christmas underneath the love of many caring hearts.~

4 yorum:

  1. Hello Kulasa,
    Very nice shots!!
    Great to see how you are ready for christmas. Wonderful!!

    Many greetings,

  2. Merry Christmas Zen, am not sure if I'll put up a tree this year, sooooooo tied up, haha, meaning too lazy and not willing to give up some wandering time

  3. How fun is that! Beautiful family photos!

  4. gang ngayon empty pa yung Christmas tree namin kasi baby G keep on taking out the ornaments, hehehe!

    Merry Christmas! hope you really get to spend noche buena in your beautiful abode.


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