Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How to Make Old Windows More Energy Efficient

In the heat of the summer, there is no nicer view than when sat in your garden, with the sun blazing down, staring at the quintessentially British old fashion windows you have on the house, like the ones Kingsbridge Joinery install or repair..
Sash windows have been a staple of the country house but they are not the most energy efficient and this is really felt during the winter months. Changing the style of window and therefore the characteristic of your house, is a very drastic step just to try to keep the heat in. Thankfully, it is really only a last resort, as there are a number of less drastic but still viable solutions for any home.
The nature of all sash windows is such that there are more joins and chances for a draft than with any other kind of window. Even old fashioned slider and bay windows have less possible openings and therefore less opportunity for the heat from your house to escape outside. The gaps and slots within a sash window are there to ensure that the window functions properly and it is easy to slide the windows open. However, during the winter, you are much less likely to want to open the window and get a frost draft to blow through the house. Therefore, there is less of a need to open the window and less of a need for these gaps in the frame.
A roll of insulting tape or foam will take less than five minutes to apply and you will immediately notice the benefit. Installing a layer between the window sash and the frame will reduce, if not completely remove, the gap. The small draft which has accumulated around the window, will now be stopped at its source. Insulating foam is available at every D.I.Y. store and is extremely cheap compared to all other options.
Unlike double glazed windows, sash windows are almost always single panes of glass. The double glazed window is able to trap the cold air between the two panes and stop it from progressing further into the house. With the nature of the single pane sash windows, this is not possible. During the winter months, it is possible to mimic this effect with a double glazing film. A single sheet of thin transparent plastic which is taped to the frame of the window, will help to create the heat trap effect. Available in most home improvement stores and either call double glazing film or seasonal window film. The film will have the appearance of a thick cling film.
Whilst the window film will help with the energy efficiency of your windows, it will have one very large downsize. Unlike the insulating foam, which is more of a hindrance, the double glazing film will make the window completely inoperable. The film will ensure that there is no access to open or adjust the window. Once the film is on, the window will remain in the same position until the film is removed in the summer.
It might sound like quite a large downside, but then again, how often do you open up the window in the winter. Once applied, the film is transparent and it will go completely unnoticed by anyone looking out of the window.
The two solutions can be used together to drastically improve the energy efficiency of your old windows. By removing the heat-loss and the drafts from the windows on your home, you will immediately notice a difference in the feel of your home. You will be able to use less fuel to heat your home and still get the same cosy feeling.

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