Monday, November 18, 2013

Breakthroughs Ways to Improve Hormonal Imbalance

Do you find as you approach middle age that you suddenly you have gained weight? When you work out at the gym you see all these fit trim men while your stomach bulges out. Your muscles are are as toned as they once were. You wish you could find a solutions to the problem. Increased weight gain during is often the result of increased estrogen in the body.
These day you wear tee shirts all the time to hide your man boobs. You have larger boobs than most flat chested women. When you go swimming at the pool or beach your friends tease you making it hard to enjoy the day. Often aging and increased estrogen is the reason you have this problem. There is a solution don't give up.
Men have some estrogen in the body but as they age testosterone decreases leading to an increase in estrogen. This leads to weight gain, lack of energy, and loss of muscle mass and overall strength. DIM-XT is a supplement that reduces or blocks estrogen in the body. A DIM Complex Supplement like DIM-XT helps reduce the negative effects of estrogen on men in the body when getting older.
When you take a DIM Complex it takes about two weeks to work. The results are improved energy levels for working and playing. It helps you focus and work with more concentration and vigor. When you workout at the gym your muscle tone and strength will return. You won't have to compare yourself constantly to other men with leaner bodies.
DIM Complexes will give you a new outlook on aging. When you gain weight as you age the risk for cancer increases. Taking this supplement will help reduce the risk of developing cancer and other diseases associated with obesity. While taking this supplement a healthy diet and exercise help improve your health.
Do you want to lose those man boobs naturally, then taking this supplement, eating healthy, lifting weights and working out will accomplish this goal. Start slowly with weight lifting, join a gym or fitness center. Take classes to learn the correct way to lift weights to get better results.
Taking two capsules of DIM-XT per day with 8 ounces of water or another beverage in the morning and in the afternoon is recommended. Eat plenty of fresh vegetable like broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts, spinach and kale. These vegetables help manage estrogen in the body too. Don't stop there fruits and vegetables have fiber, vitamins, and minerals and help with weight loss.
Instead of potato or pasta have two vegetables with a good source of lean protein like fish, chicken, turkey or meat. Avoid foods with estrogen in them like soy products, beets, carrots, cherries, chickpeas, citrus fruits, dairy products, tomatoes, potatoes, wheat, red beans and eggs. Eat in small amounts if you must. Steam vegetables instead of boiling for the most nutrition.
Filter the water you drink sometimes it has estrogen in it. Decrease the amount of alcohol you drink and the amount of sugar you consume. Alcohol actually reduces testosterone production. Too much sugar does the same. Eat less sweets and starch found in bread, cereal, and baked goods.
Weight training or lifting weights increases testosterone in the body. This will help with weight loss, man boobs, and producing estrogen in the body. Taking DIM Complex along with eating healthy, weight lifting and exercise will get best results.

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