Monday, November 18, 2013

Healthy Living: You Saved A Life Today

Today I found a reason to smile and even laughed my heart out. A beautiful morning on my side of the world greeted me and many good hearted individuals and groups as we gathered by the symbolic tomb of the unknown soldiers to commence our "walk for a cause-" to save someone's precious life. 

A miracle unfolded before our very eyes as young and old alike dedicated the morning for nurse Jennie's birthday.

Not yet at my best of health I honestly did not reach the finish line using only my feet. 

Yet I felt so blessed to have been among wonderful generous caring people, sharing a meaningful meal; a trademark of my birthplace- Lorma Medical Center and I felt like a Lormanian over again. 

I saw nurse Jennie's eyes sparkle with happiness and strength to face her battle. 

With Nurse Jennie 36 y/o mother of two girls needing a kidney tranplant to save her life 

From afar I also witnessed the determination, sincerity and love of those silently and busily working to help her in every way possible who am sure absolutely require nothing in return because they are angels on Earth. 

With all the beautiful souls who have contributed with love and care yet wish to remain anonymous- you deserve more than a certificate but a halo and a set of wings. may you be blessed with good health and more all the days of your lives. 


We can continue sending help through prayers and monetary contributions. Please check on the numbers and links I have shared here.

The world may be huge and chaotic at times but when people come together to share blessings, their lives become beautifully intertwined and the world becomes a better place.

Special thanks to my walk buddies and the angelic people who sent their love *wink*

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  1. Great job Doc Sis. You are an angel in scrub. wink*** Your generosity is infectious. Keep it up.

  2. very heartwarming to know there are many people who are willing to save a life. thanks for spreading the word, twinzy. labyew!

  3. Praying for nurse Jennie's successful kidney transplant. That's very inspiring to see many angels


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