Monday, December 9, 2013

Bacnotan My Hometown: Sericulture Industry in La Union

Meet my Bombyx mori friends! Don't you just love their smile?

Or are you afraid of "worms" like me? I must admit I used to freak out at the sight of worms until I became a photo-enthusiast. My love for sharing images and thoughts has led me to re-explore one of the most interesting places in my hometown, the Sericulture Research Development Institute (SERDI) at Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University, North La Union Campus which apparently started as a research project of the Agriculture Department in the '80s. Its mission is to develop sericulture (silk farming) as a rural agro-based industry in the country. Do you love the feel of silk on your skin?

  Join me as I discover the origin of these lovely handmade flowers and the silk clothes worn by my mannequin friends. 

 I learned that silkworms thrive consuming mulberry leaves. Those leaves must taste so yummy to them! The red inviting fruit somehow attests to that. History reveals it was in China where silkworms were first reared for silk production around 5000 years ago and silk was worn only by the ruling class.

We are lucky to be enjoying silk's smooth, soft texture now in our clothing, furniture, rugs etc.

and we have our "worm" friends to thank for that...
  As well as the hard-working men and women behind the silkworm industry

who toil at the rearing house...

and weaves the textile, the craftsmen and women 
as well as  the scientists and researchers who endlessly pour their time and knowledge in improving the product. 

I admit I have ceased being a crafty person due to lack of time so seeing stuff like these never fails to amaze me.

 locally manufactured warping machines

 from mulberry leaves to the cocoon spun by the silkworm to the silk thread...
Behold the lovely products of the Seri-culture Research Development Institute at Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University, North La Union Campus

flower ornaments to grace our homes and offices...
purses and bags
souvenirs for all occasions 

and colorful wreaths for guests

 and to hang on our doors and walls...

and many more....

I purchased a cellphone holder while my official photo-walk buddy for the day...

sis Luz wanted to bring home those colorful bags

We were actually at the university because our kiddos were attending the provincial jamborrette last year and we decided to explore while the kids were busy with their activities besides we were not supposed to stalk the kids! Ssshhh the kids are joining the camping again in a few days from now and I am planning to explore the university's honeybee industry.

May your homes be filled with love and serenity.

curious about the complete stages of silk production? you may read more here or visit
SRDI at DMMMSU North La Union Campus
at Sapilang, Bacnotan, La Union or get in contact with them 
at telefax: (072- 242-1117 loc 224 or check out the official website of the university-


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  1. You only did not take beautiful pictures. You gave us beautiful information of these beautiful products.

  2. THey are pretty but I don't like worms so yes, I am like you lol.

  3. I am one of those who are afraid of worms but these creations you showed are just beautiful.

  4. I've learned that it takes a while for the silk worms to spun a meter or something of silk. I once attended an agricultural expo and that's where I learned about it. Thanks for touring me and letting me learn (again) about these wonderful creatures. Nice photos too!

  5. I loved taking this tour! The first shot captured my attention though I freak out at the sight of worms!! It was a very enlightening tour at how silk is produced. Silk is a very commonly used product in India with Silk Saree's being very popular with the Indian ladies. Have a lovely week Zen :)

  6. Great products made of silk...I've also seen somewhere in Asia that after the worm had their silk they were cook and eat as dessert.

  7. I'd freak out to death at the sight of worms, too! These silk creations are fascinating!

    It's good to know that the industry is thriving despite all the crisis in our country. I believe the industry will withstand whatever crisis because silk is everywhere and they are patronized by all!

  8. It's nice of you to feature products made from silk, I'm sure a lot of us will look at them with more interest now :)

  9. Oh those silk worm... do freaky-looking but what lovely and useful product they bring. Love those hand-made flowers.

  10. didnt know that the Philippines currently is also producing the silk made from silk worms.. last time I heard that all silk products where imported from China. thanks for sharing the infos and nice pictures :)

  11. You have a lovely hometown and the livelihood of the people there are very good. The products are amazing. I would love to visit there some time.

  12. I thought it will be from caterpillar to butterfly LOL! Seriously the silks are beautiful!

  13. thanks for the virtual tour. looking forward to your honeybee adventure. sama ako!!! hehe

  14. I love seeing those silk worms up close and personal! Hehehehe!

  15. Do you know that one of the things that nature amazes me is the existence of creatures whom we think before as ugly but can be the reason or cause or origin of a beautiful product. Slikworms may seem horrid. I don't know. I don't really like worms and caterpillars. But these worms are the sources of silk which is one of the products that I really find fascinating.


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