Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bacnotan, My Hometown

Yesterday, I had tears in my eyes on my way to that place I dearly call home. I was with a heavy heart as I took photos with my phone through the glass window of the bus. Our province was one of those unfortunately ravished by tropical storm "Helen" which brought heavy rains that flooded streets, farmlands, homes and drowned relatives' and friends' livestock; destroyed crops and property and left many in sorrow having no place to sleep and food to eat. I prayed with my fellowmen for the rain to stop; analyzed why such a thing happened, drew out conclusions and like a diligent student came up with answers and plans to help prevent another akin catastrophe from happening; things  better done than just enumerated. Today, miraculously the sun came out and brought hope for everyone. With the government's aid, everyone's cooperation and blessings from Above I have faith we will rise above such tragedy.

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     Sharing with you photos from my beloved hometown Bacnotan.....

Baroro Bridge

St. Michael, the Archangel Parish Church

Bacnotan Cemetery

My alma mater, the St Michael Kindergarten School

A tree at Bacnotan District Hospital

Baroro River at dusk

Centennial Tree, Carcarmay, Bacnotan, La Union
Lights from the town fiesta

Paratong Beach
sunset shot, Bacnotan skyline

Nagsaraboan, Bacnotan, La Union

.....for many of you out there, missing this town, and praying for our dear Bacnotanians....

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          farm bench

           from my humble world to yours

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