Monday, December 9, 2013

E cigs: The new technology revolution!

Did you know that the first electronic cigarette was invented in the year 1960? Wondering what it actually is? Well, electronic cigarettes, also commonly known as e-cigarettes are battery-operated alternative smoking devices which, in some cases, are designed to look like regular tobacco cigarettes. They generally use a heating element which vaporises a liquid solution. Some of these solutions contain a mixture of nicotine and other flavourings while others contain flavourings without nicotine.

The electronic cigarette generally consists of 3 parts - a tank or cartridge for the liquid to go in (this bit is at or near the top), an atomizer which is a metal heating element which gets hot and heats up the liquid (this is normally in the middle of the device and you can’t see it without taking it apart), and lastly, but definitely not least, there needs to be a battery which is needed to provide power to heat the atomizer to turn the liquid into vapour.  No battery = no power, and nothing will happen. Without the battery heating things up you’d be sucking out un-vapourised liquid which would be very unpleasant.

How many!? - At present there’s something like 300 brands of these cigarettes which are available in many colours, shapes, designs and sizes, with lots of different liquids to go inside them in 100s of flavours – everything from regular tobacco flavours to mint and menthol, coffee, strawberry, bubble gum, absinthe and even champagne flavour!

Do these alternative cigarettes help tobacco smokers quit? - It is believed that these devices help alter a smoker's adverse tobacco habits to a likely less destructive e-smoking habit. In recent research it was noted that e-cigs helped smokers quit tobacco over a span of 6 months. Whether a smoker wants to quit or not, the device is being viewed as promising by experts.

The current estimated amount of electronic cigarette users in the US is 2.5 million. In a UK survey conducted in 2013, of approximately 13000 people, 12 percent of regular smokers said they use electronic cigarettes and 25 percent of them said they had used them in the past.  Many experts believe these devices are a safer and healthier alternative to tobacco cigarettes and although they’re generally smoked with some nicotine content, you can gradually reduce the nicotine level to help control and reduce nicotine cravings over a period of time. Something you can’t do with traditional cigarettes.

Here are some more benefits:

Health - Studies have shown that traditional cigarettes are very unhealthy and unsafe for health posing a higher risk of lung cancer, heart attack, stroke, pneumonia, throat cancer, osteoporosis, Alzheimer's and numerous other diseases. Most people accept this as fact these days, and every packet says “Smoking Kills”. Electronic cigarette liquid, on the other hand, does not contain chemicals which are considered harmful, cancerous or carcinogenic.

They don’t have that odour! - The smoke of traditional cigarettes smells bad because of the burning tar and presence of numerous chemicals in addition to tobacco which is often considered offensive by ex-smokers and non-smokers alike. It’s even worse when it’s stale. In contrast, e-Cigarettes emit a virtually odourless vapour but you can sometimes get the hint of something depending on the strength or the flavour.

They are safe - Traditional cigarettes pose a serious fire hazard and many fatal fires have started in family homes. Incredibly, worldwide fires ignited by cigarettes constitute 10 percent of all fire-related deaths. On the other hand, e-cigarettes are not alight so they don’t have a flame and they’re considered much safer.

Social impact - The health consequences, the costs of health care and of course the smell and obvious annoyance from ex- and non-smokers gives traditional cigarettes a bad name. e-Cigarettes, in contrast, have many benefits and a smoker can still enjoy smoking without using the traditional methods which are now considered irresponsible and invasive by society.

If you’re ready to quit or cut down on your daily use of traditional cigarettes, like many smokers, why not join the electronic cigarette revolution!

Roger and Martin are the owners of Electronic Cigarettes CO, a UK based electronic cigarette company offering affordable and healthy alternatives to smoking tobacco. When they're not writing they're helping their amazing customers!

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