Wednesday, September 25, 2013

When I Was A Kid...

When I was a kid, I spent hours playing with leaves and flowers.
There were no high-tech gadgets and we simply played in the fields and along the streets.
There was not much danger of getting ran over by trucks and our little carefree feet played from sun up until sundown on school-free days.

                                                The "makahiya" leaves fascinated me so much! 

They still do, they still make me wonder what makes them so shy and close when touched!

I spent hours chasing dragonflies! Those tiny colorful wings were like fairies passing by!
I always set them free after that glorious moment of touching those colorful tails.

I learned hard-work from helping my grannies in the farm. Though we mostly played we did our part. We helped pull peanut shrubs and free nuts from their shells. And oh boy how crunchy those peanuts tasted when fried!

Periwinkles suffered torture from my fingers as I poked them way up high!
Yet mother nature always make them thrive. I love them to this day. 

There were no bubble makers on sale at stores. We made them with stone crushed hibiscus petals mixed with water and some soap. At times those vividly colored rounded flowers were balls, we'd toss them up in the air with our knees, hands and feet. The garden though never ran out of flowers! Grandma loves planting them for hours.

Chocolates and candies were a bore. It was more exciting to climb trees and jump for fruits and berries!

..grasses were the best toys! We'd pull those kind of weeds, hold them from end to end and then split 'em up into two! We'd bet how the weed would break; into a square or into a Y and Y would mean a boy... a square a girl. How fascinating that already was!

We'd go to school just walking and talking and running from dogs...and it was fun! especially when it rained and we could dip our feet into water over grass.

on nights when full moon lit the sky, us kids would be playing hide and seek!

We were happy without wifi and gadgets because we played with what was best- nature at its finest!
...and if I had a choice to go back and change my life

I'd still choose that simple, carefree, nature nurtured childhood!

thank you for sharing the awesome childhood that we had!

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  1. Thank you for bringing me back where life was simple yet sweet... If you'd go back in time, will you take me with you sis?:-)

  2. Thanks for bringing back the memories. I so love those old good days when I was a child. I remember playing makahiya and its fun. I feel so bad with my daughter though she has this high-tech gadgets she needs playmate and she doesn't one in my area so I ended up signing-up in some activities to make her busy and have some friends at the same time.Toys and gadgets is not enough, kids need a real friend and play like those old good days.

  3. your post reminds me of my childhood ek-ek. The makahiya thing, ginagawa ko rin yan and I still remember the Suntan "she loves me, she loves me not' stuff. Lastly, I can vividly recall playing taguan tuwing bilog ang buwan where the girls are in their 'katsa' undies. LOL

  4. me too! would love the kids to experience the same childhood actually if only there's a way. love playing patintero under the moonlight and play bahay bahayan using coconut leaves and lata ng sardinas as kaldero. ahhhh, those were the days. i wish i could relive them...

  5. I miss those days sis when the backyard and the whole expanse of our ancestral house's field was our playground. Like you, we played with plants, small dragonflies (we let them go after a while...) and other insects and run around the house without a care in the world. Those times were the best!

  6. Great photos to reminisce your childhood. I remember piling a bunch of leaves pretending they were money and I was a bank teller :)

  7. you speak of the past as if we do not still live there! I still play with dragon flies and butterflies and plants and loving each unique bit of beauty. I think you do also!

  8. My, this is like going to my own childhood to! A great walk down memory lane! hihi and I heed this - "Carry your childhood with you so you'll never grow older..." :)

  9. I missed those days when technology as not high as now... we can spend more time being a true kid and plays with other kids. play anything we can think off, enjoy the life and the nature around us.

  10. Our generation was perhaps the happiest! The simple things in life were enough to complete our day! I miss the makahiya plant. I don't see them anymore here in the city. And the gumamela bubbles! Awesome!

  11. Oh we have similar childhood Zen and like you loved it so much won't exchange it for anything else.

  12. That's my childhood too. Simple days with friends under the sun. No nintendo or Playstation to keep us busy, only fun games outside with our bare foot sometimes.

  13. I miss my childhood days as well. The makahiya at our backyard that we use to steeped on and be merry of what is seen.

  14. Oh, this reminds me of my good childhood days. My friends and I would love to play with Santan flowers. We also enjoy touching the "Makahiya" plants! Those are just some of the days I will never forget.

  15. Oh yes; playing with friends and cousins outside till we could no longer see and or were so eaten up by mosquitoes that we could no longer bear it...We laughed and squealed in delight until voices were hoarse and fell asleep that night exhausted. lol


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