Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Stalking The Kids At The Campsite

     I must admit, I am such a protective mom at times. I can not help but get worried each time I am not near my kiddo. Yeah he is no longer such a baby but am sure moms will agree with me when I say no matter how huge our kids get they still remain little ones in our eyes. Imagine my anxiety when my younger son went for a three day camping!

     There I was in the photo above getting a hurried kiss from my boy scout when I visited him at the campsite. I was so glad he did not think twice before giving me a kiss on the cheeks even with his pals looking at us! The joys of motherhood are simply priceless.

     Three nights away from the kiddo seemed liked ages. I could not sleep well at home and the hubby was kidding me I should have set up my tent at the campsite too! On the last day of the event the hubby and I visited the kids and my boyscout was begging me to take him home. The hubby being the disciplinarian in the family of course did not agree. The  mother in me wanted so much to pack his things and get him inside the car yet the reasonable person in me said I should let my kid manage stress and learn to make small steps of independence. After all, we will not always be there to aid them and they must learn to look after themselves in time.

     Needless to say the next morning when the sun was up I hurried back to the campsite to fetch the boy all excited to return home to his comfortable bed and my loving arms. He said he would do it again next year because he had so much fun! I smiled and gave him a hug and wished the next camping season wont be too soon.

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