Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Parenthood and Strumming With Love

It has always been known that children who learn to play a musical instrument reap benefits that help them in their adult life. Starting at a young age will definitely instill discipline in them. They will learn to manage their time more effectively. They learn to be patient, since it takes quite some time to learn a new piece. Teamwork is another valued trait that they will imbibe, specially if the instrument they are learning to play is one that can be used in a band or in an ensemble.

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As parents, we must be supportive of our children's interests. We must look for the best teachers capable enough to hone their talents. We should take time off to drive them to their music class and lovingly show appreciation for every milestone achievement. Aside from attending recitals, and making them feel like a little virtuoso in the making, we should also motivate them further by providing them the best musical instrument we can afford. To complete the package, an ergonomic carrying case should always be taken into consideration. 

Guitars are meant to be versatile portable musical instruments, easy to take along anywhere. This would not be specially true for the finer line of string instruments, like the banjo. The common cases are made of stiff material and do not provide a young artist a pleasant experience to carry it around. I have accidentally discovered some ergonomically designed, padded, exciting banjo cases at m123 while doing a search for carry cases for my son's guitar.

String instruments always fascinated me. For me, it demands more skill and concentration to make music with it. I have always wanted to learn how to play a guitar, however, my parents decided on piano lessons for me instead. I'm fine with that. It would be difficult to find a carry case for a piano anyway. 

In conclusion, I personally believe that children will continue to reach for their dreams if parents never cease to nurture their talents, provide encouragement and to be ever present in every step of their journey. It is only through the language of the heart where the music lives on forever.

by Aio Kona

of Born A Dragon, Raised A Tiger

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