Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fish, Rice and Seaweeds

I love eating fish! I grew up eating freshly caught fish cooked the simplest way by my dad. I recall vividly going to the seashore with him on weekends with his fishing net and watching the waves to and fro while I sat on sand and reveled in the simple happiness of water splashing on my feet and the sun kissing my cheeks. The smell of freshly cooked fish, steamed, fried or made into soup makes my stomach grumble each time.

Eating healthy and taking the time to exercise are my goals these days. So who wants to eat fish, rice, tomatoes, monggo beans and seaweeds with me? 

2 yorum:

  1. Me! I miss that kind of seaweed, and I love everything on your table. We do have very similar childhood Zen, simple joys of catching fresh fish from the ocean or river, then enjoying it in our meals. My favorite is inihaw ( or sinugba )

  2. OH-EM-GEE... I miss those comfort food. Pahingi.


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