Thursday, September 5, 2013

Strum Away, Gabe!

The gene pool for lefties is high in my family. My son is a leftie, my niece is one too. My first cousin and his son are both lefties. Its no big issue, because lefties are more into arts and music - two of my favorite things in the world.

My son and my nephew are both guitar players - strumming their hearts out from both ends of the world. I am all hands down to a good acoustic guitar player and would willingly give a standing ovation anytime, every time.

My nephew Gabe playing one of his compositions
However, being a leftie has discouraged some "would be" prodigies, simply because of the hassle of getting a right hand guitar and re-arranging the order of the strings, or playing Hendrix style. I am aware that some may disagree with me. Others claim that both left and right hands must learn the intricate skill of fretting and strumming/picking. I agree to that, however, if we are serious in building a career in music, it guess choosing the right guitar would be the first step.

I am ecstatic that the music industry has improved so much in the past 50 years that it has provided budding leftie artists with a great product. I will definitely suggest to my cousin to get his son a good tim armstrong left handed acoustic electric at musician's friend for his birthday present. I am pretty sure he will, and all I will ask in return would be more videos in my email inbox. 

Strum away, Gabe. Hopefully, you and your cousin Mike will be able to do a concert soon. Love, love, love!

By: Eileen Layno
of Born A Dragon, Raised A Tiger 


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  1. I am a leftie too, but sadly, the music did not pick me :) oh, the happiness in your son's face while strumming that guitar looks so priceless


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