Saturday, July 13, 2013

On Pets and Best Rug Cleaning

  Meet some of our pets...
We have had several through the years living with us and giving us so much joy. 

These are Meijo and Jie

and this is Kimkilwan,
 next to hanging out in the garden, 
she just loves rolling over our rugs and sleeping on them...

Now this is our pet cat Vhea who also loves sleeping on the sofa. 

     Our home is one of the busiest places on Earth when it comes to taking care of creatures. We have several dogs, cats and oh boy how they love staying inside our house too! The kids adore them and allow them to stay indoors, rolling on the carpet, playing in bed with them and running around the house.

     You can just imagine how our carpets gets soiled and all dirty from the kid's dirty running feet to our animal kid's furs and just how hard cleaning the rug is for me. I wish I could avail of the services of best rug cleaning, repair and restoration companies like  Abc Rug and Carpet Care which has twenty years experience in the industry.

abc rug repair nyc
photo source: ABC rug and carpet care
        It is an arduous task removing stains, mud, hair and fur from carpet especially when the rug is huge. It is I think  more practical to trusts experts in either hot water extraction method; dry cleaning; spot and stain removal as well as what I need, cleaning of my precious Oriental rugs which require special care.

Everyone is welcome in our home sweet home. You may love to bring along your pets with you too!
No worries about the rugs getting all dirty as long as there are companies we can trust!
May love and caring visit your homes always! 


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  1. indeed, no worries about rugs getting dirty as long as you have a way of cleaning it :) lovely pets Zen, no wonder your boys have such caring hearts, exposed to taking care of their pets

  2. Oh my goodness, such cutness on these photos. Love the first photo the most!

  3. I like how you said " all our welcome in your home" that's the best word I ever heard. Most people here need to ring ahead of time or else you're not welcome in there house.

  4. I love to have a pet dog or cat. But i know I can't since it is difficult to maintain the cleanliness especially our floor is carpeted. Plus my boardmates would not agree with my idea of having a pet inside the house.

  5. That is the main reason on why we did not get any pet - the hairs. My husband easily grosses out whenever he sees hairs, especially in the kitchen.

  6. Your pets seem to be having the time of their lives with your family. The closest thing we had for pets are lovebirds and small fishes.

  7. the very reason i keep saying no to k's request to buy a pet dog. hirap kaya maglinis ng poop at furs plus the kids have sensitive lungs. haaaay, perhaps when they are responsible enough to clean up dogs dirt pwede na. :P

  8. Is that a labrador? Yes, if your place is near lang. I'll bring along my Blue Merle sa pag-visit ko.

  9. Waaaah! Ang cute nila! This post made me miss our Shih Tzu pup, Ewoks. I can imagine you have a really happy home, Doc. You're a great homemaker. Matyaga sa paglilinis ng mga kalat nila. Hahaha!

  10. Just this morning, hubby is telling me that we should get a puppy as a pet. But given the reality that we live in apartment, I said not for now.

  11. Awww! Look how cute and cuddly your pets are :-) We used to have pets but decided to give them to the shelter as my little K has severe allergies :-( Yes! keeping up the carpet clean with pets around is not easy and am glad that you have the service to clean your carpet :-)

  12. You have some lovely pets Ate Zen! ♥


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