Sunday, July 14, 2013

Smile, The Best Jewelry There Is

     Lately I have been so inspired to dress up. It all started when my twinzy told me to doll up more often. I do not know exactly when my love for fashion was sparked. I just found myself one day not wanting to wear my simple shirts anymore and traded them for blouses that had bright colors and unique designs. I even went as far as searching for jewelry wholesale to spice up my outfits. There is something about feeling good inside that makes beauty radiate outside. I have been told I have a smile that inspires, I want to believe it is true because if there is one thing I would truly love to achieve from looking great, it is inspiring others to KEEP SMILING  and believing in themselves through the most difficult challenges in life.

My secret to happiness? - no secret at all, it is simply waking up each morning with a GRATEFUL HEART 
for life's most simple blessings....and sharing them...

SMILE, it is the best jewelry there is!

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  1. ate, this post reminds me of the post i had way back then:

    I'm feeling really really low right now and im glad i read this. makes me feel a bit better.

  2. yeah right, smile is the best jewelry there is!

    pssst, you should've posted more pics. yung mga wina-whatsapp mo sakin na super ganda. :P

  3. How do you create these?? They are gorgeous! I've never observed of nailpolish Jewelry before :]


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