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Margie and Breathtaking Boracay Beach

I wonder whether you could find me in the photo below. This was taken on September 10, 1995. I won't be able to recall that but thanks to the printed date on this scanned "kodak" moment shot I am able to take you back to one unforgettable night in my college life.

Meet my friend, former classmate Margie Jaramilla-Abarro all poise and grace wearing a white gown and her  reigning Ms. Nursing sash to my right. Yes I am the trying hard beauty queen girl in a long, black velvet gown  to her left. I must admit I wasn't chosen to represent our class for the beauty pageant. I volunteered oh gosh this is too shameful LOL. I did not go home crying though because I went home with a sash and a trophy for being 2nd runner up. It makes me laugh out loud to recall what a scandalous sports wear competition that was for me. Oh gosh, my cheeks are burning up just thinking about it so before I lose all composure let me share with you...

my beauty queen friend Margie's....Trip To Breathtaking Boracay 

"all photos owned by Margie"

photo of Margie, Boracay  February 2013

One of the world's top relaxation destinations, Boracay is located south of Manila. Known for its white sand beaches and tranquil islands Margie and her family chose to unwind there February of this year. Though most of you must have already experienced Boracay's finest, I unfortunately still have to see the place. I have been kidding the hubby I need to fit in a bikini first before we travel there so it will take quite a long time before I see the place. :) 

windsurfing and kiteboarding in Boracay
windsurfing and kite boarding are some of the leisure activities one could
 enjoy in Boracay

Day 1 in Boracay, Margie's awesome sunset watch...and festive nightlife

the feel of water and fine sand tickling Margie's soles...oh how I love to walk beside her

sunset in Boracay
still looking slim and sexy after having given birth to three kids I asked Margie her beauty secret which she says is simply proper diet and exercise...I am dieting and exercising very soon haha, 

...and of course finding the love of her life, Doc Jay has made her a completely happy woman
nothing inspires me more than the sight of a happy couple and the sunset...

...after the sun has left the sky that day, they were off to one fabulous night of lights, food and sounds...let us join them!

La Carmela de Boracay Resort Hotel
Margie at La Carmela de Boracay Resort Hotel 

they had a sumptuous dinner 
(La Carmela de Boracay has a nightly buffet)

entertained by fire dancers

la carmela de boracay nightly buffet

souvenir hunting

and simply having the time of her life with hubby and mom-in-law

and playing with sand...

Day 2: Enjoying the Water and Walking Endlessly

Day 3: Island Hopping

When I asked her the top 3 reasons why one should visit Boracay...

the natural beauty of the place

to die for fresh seafood

and of course, the perfect bonding moments with loved ones....

from my humble world to yours....
~special thanks to Margie J. Abarro and family for allowing me to share with you
her travel tale~

~hi there college batchmates! 
don't you think it is high time for
a reunion bros and sisters?
remember I once said 
I'll be wearing blue lipstick?
I love my BSN family!-bestriend Divine! you must have 
still been busy dancing at the backstage so I can not find you in the photo- love yah :)
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  1. oh am geeeeee! your friend is as flawless as the Boracay beach! so sexy and pretty, sasamahan na kita mag-diet at mag-exercise hahahaha! kahit looking slim ako wala akong capital K magbikini dahil di ako gifted, paano ba tayo magbo-bora nyan?! hahahahaha! labyew fellow addict and crazytwinzypotsy! :P

  2. Guess what, I found you right away in your college photo! :)
    Your friend is as beautiful as you! I love the shot of her walking towards the beach. Love her swimsuit as well.

  3. Those are beautiful snaps, sis! Your friend surely has a pretty face and she looks so happy! And I love all the smiles in that first pic you shared! 1995... I was in Fifth Grade on that year and there is so much fun times to recall! Lol.

  4. you both are lovely and beautiful Zen, love love your pose there, and so slim you! :) can we go back to that slim days? haha! kudos to your friend for having maintained her 2-piece figure.

  5. Margie is blessed with such a great figure. She doesnt' look like she has 3 kids. By the way, I also volunteered to join a pageant back in highschool, but that was a deal among all of us in the barkada.

  6. I have no doubt that you are the one carrying a brown shoulder bag, am I right Doc Zen? You have that contagious smile!

  7. I definitely would love to come back to Boracay, I adore the powdery sand, it's not just hype, it's real! =)

  8. Wow! your friend did maintain her flawlessness. Browsing at your photos made me recall our last trip at Bora. Dyan din kani nag-stay sa La Carmela. The beach is so good though hindi ako nag-swim. But my eyes feasted on those Korean bodies. LOL Yes, sarap din ng foods dyan.

  9. Oh you look dashing in that black gown, so pretty! And your friend is indeed sexy despite having 3 kids already. :)

  10. when I was looking at your college pictures, I spotted you already and I am sure its you Doc. Great thing is, I am slim and pretty! :) I never been to Boracay, so thanks for sharing these lovely pictures. Hopefully we can visit it someday...anyway, your friend looks beautiful. have a great week. :)

  11. I like the 3 reasons above to visit Boracay and the nice pics too .. :) Thanks for blogging about it. Hope to visit it soon.

  12. Boracay is really a perfect place for bondig moments with families, friends and loved ones.

  13. great photo blog, very comprehensive, though it is more on photos and less caption on it. But it is definitely a good appreciation of the beautiful island of boracay


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