Sunday, December 6, 2015

Harbor View Restaurant Manila

Yep, the name of the resto says it all and I guess it's what one goes there for. In a bustling city I always find it comforting to see full skies and hear water splashing and yes even birds while dining. So I was all smiles when we got here during a convention.

Let's dig into the menu:

We had Beef Caldereta, Adobong Kangkong and Mixed Seafood.

Sorry, in our haste to taste 'em all I forgot to take photos LOL.

But I was able to take more shots of the wonderful harbor view the place offers.

I can attest to their delicious cooking and freshly made recipes. Shall I visit the place again? Yapidiyapyap! with the hubby for a romantic dinner one time :)

~and above is where you can find them :)

Note: not a sponsored post, just another happy customer's honest opinion

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