Saturday, June 1, 2013

Dance With Me?

    Next to singing my one other great frustration is having two left feet when it comes to swaying to music. I firmly wish rane mixers could somehow do the trick and make me go jumping and clapping my hands up in the air rhythmically, gracefully. You bet, I gave it a try- dancing and though my friends said I have such a stiff body and can not follow steps naturally I had fun! In fact one of my plans to get rid of these unsightly belly fats is to try belly dancing! seriously! LOL! I can imagine the hubby raising his eyebrows and the kiddos protesting. For now I am content listening to tunes inside our room and pretending I am one great dancer! Dance with me? 

4 yorum:

  1. Belly dancing is sexy and shed the fats away....

  2. hahahaha, stiff body!!! di ka nag-iisa twinzypotsy. :P

  3. i lahat tayo tatawa nila Cher kasi pare-parehas tayo hahaha!

  4. well, i am not good dancer too, but i definitely will dance with you, i love dancing, i find it so much fun, though, i have hard time getting the steps, trying hard dancer I am :) haha!


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