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hopping happily, happily hoping

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The other day I spent time watching a grasshopper while waiting for the sun to rise. Yes I did, yes I sat there, and disturbed its happy resting on those yellow-orange petals.

It held on to the soft cottony oh so colorful flower which I bet is sweet because with him were ants.

As I manipulated my cam, the cute one moved too.

It must have been trying to escape my intrusion I thought. 

Until I realized it was hanging on to dear life as it struggled from being blown away by the wind...
I watched the pretty green fellow carefully grasping the orange fibers with its eyes wide open and alert.
As I stared my mind as always wandered to days when I barely had the time to watch the world go by. There was a time when every minute was saved for a thing to do...when the only break I had was breathing, even eating wasn't fun....when there were problems to think of here and there...and pain was too hard to bear...Oh I guess most everyone goes through such storms in life but resilient as we are, most of us survive the woes and strife...thanks to our families and friends and God above who never fails to listen to our prayers...

as for our little friend above, It managed to cling to the flower that when I checked on him at twilight..he was still there, patiently...faithfully like most of us, waiting for another bright sun shiny day....hopping happily...happily hoping...

from the humble world of a Kulasa

18 comments on "hopping happily, happily hoping"
  1. This flower is beautiful, Zen! The orange color is so vibrant, and that little critter is so cute!

  2. Very nice photos.

    Regards and best wishes

  3. These are gorgeous shots. I love the green against the orange color of the flower.

  4. Beautiful shots. I lose the last photo.

    My piece of heaven.

  5. I was supposed to say I love but I typed lose. :)

  6. Beautiful shots Zen, and i live your thoughts about storms in our lives, hapoily hopping, hoping happily just like that little but mighty and resilient grasshopper

    1. Sorry, typing from my celll in the bus :( i mean i love your thoughts...... Not i live

  7. And thanks God for listening to my prayers.

    And I see the world is so bright.

  8. your words and photos never fail to amaze me. keep blogging, twinzy!
    btw, how do we put that fb comment box? hehehe!

    1. same question as Cher :) paturo kami Zen :)

  9. I really like that shade of orange !

    Beautiful thoughts, beautiful photos !!!

  10. It almost looks like he is trying to communicate with you and asking for help. Quite an interesting sight to see so early in the morning! Thank you for visiting and commenting on my posts!

  11. Beautiful capture of these flowers, and I'm glad that I have come to visit your blog!

  12. Beuatiful leak of light from the side... It makes the flower so delicate.

  13. ah missed this one. very relaxing entry. makes me forget the noise of the city.

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