Friday, May 31, 2013

The Melody of Friendship

     I could personally attest that the happy look captured on our faces is a reflection of how the person holding the camera is dear to our heart. It is like hearing music and dancing along when friends gather and play classical guitars from musicians friend and talk about days gone by, the struggles of the past, the dreams fulfilled as well as tales of love from long ago. I had a blast hanging out with a friend from way back medschool at a hotel during a seminar. We laughed so hard, ate a lot until the wee hours at night. 

We posed and posed and posed....

and unleashed the kids in us....I swear had there been a disco in the hotel we could have danced and sang too! until we meet again my friend Mace...

3 yorum:

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  2. You do look beautiful and happy, Zen!

  3. glad you had so much fun. :)
    happy Monday! labyew!


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