Monday, August 26, 2013

A Friend

  In Loving Memory of My Good Friend- Rhodora

Hello Kitty, Teddy Bear

A friend is a blessing who deserves endless thanking.
One who faces with us our problems without complaining.

And to our troubles, dreams fears and joys gladly listens
Even when good sense we aren't making
A friend will accept our darkest secrets but still love us in the end 
will give us the best advise even if it hurts to hear our faults just so we'd be better

will patiently hold our hand when things are bad and sweetly offer each time a pat on the shoulder… 

And helps us carry life’s burdens when our heartaches turn too heavy and we surrender 

without saying a word can keep our hearts filled with laughter that we can’t help but roll over…

A friend has the magic to make us feel good even when we look our worst 

A friend will stay with us long after the others have gone and will keep us feeling young...

flower vase and butterflies

and no matter how many years may pass that we may not see or hear from each other
that feeling of being accepted for who and what we truly are
remains engraved in the heart of a real friend forever

teddy bears

so it is best to live life in the company of those who takes away all our worries
to make this life twinkling with priceless joy and merry making through selfless humble giving…



22 yorum:

  1. There are so many figures and characters in your photos.

    I must be one of them.

  2. Your pictures bring so much joy here Zen, each of the images reflects your funny side, i love the humor captured in each of them which reflects the friendship you were describing.

  3. you are that friend worth keeping in gazillion years... i still owe you an email. lol! love yah!

  4. here I am again to enjoy the friendship you are sharing and the humor in those images, so love each of them.

  5. inspiring post, You're lucky if you have one best friend :)

  6. Couldn't agree with you more! Having a friend to go through trouble time and happy time is the best gift we can have. Fun photos, Kulasa!

  7. Kulusa, so true! What a cute post. I am happy to be your blogging friend. Have a great day!

  8. That was so sweet, wonderful that you have a great friend to have such productive fun together.

    Kusala I want to thank you so much for leaving many beautiful and encouraging comments on my blog. Several times I have tried to leave a comment on your blog but only now have discovered how to as I'm not on facebook. Thank you for your patience and continuing comment-love.



  9. So true. Love this post. I am in a mood of "super-tawag" to my bff after reading this post.

    I really missed a lot of beautiful posts of yours. Wish I could visit often. Thank you for the gift of friendship.

  10. awwwwwww...that is really all the words you've added...:)

  11. i love those stuff toys... keep up your work. you inspire other bloggers after reading this poem... :)


  12. This misses me my friend in college, it has been years that we haven't seen each other. Sigh!

  13. This is deep and interesting poem/thoughts you have:-) You are so creative and i love the characters and the captions...brilliant!

  14. Without friends it's like we are living alone.. nice poem too..

  15. such a beautiful poem! now a days.. its hard to find who is a true friend. its one of the reason that i decided to keep everything to myself and just enjoy the company of my family.

  16. Ah those are beautiful words of inspiration I like it. Very creative...

  17. super true, kulasa. im now your follower. the stuff looks supposed to make us smile, but you make it more dramatic. did you shoot the photos yourself? love how they potray the words you've said.

    just me,

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  19. I'm sure nag enjoy si hello kitty at teddy bear sa photoshoot nila! hihi! I can say that I've been blessed with great friends na kahit malayo kami sa isat isa e laging nandyan sa tabi ko pag kailangn ko sila.


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