Sunday, March 6, 2022

Sunrise, Oh Sunrise


Life, on-line for me now is mostly for work and school. So, boring one may say. That is why I keep running back to blogging. To have this place in the world wide web to pour in my thoughts and share my photos is a bliss. Sometimes I wish people would read, most of the time I treat is as my hiding place. Writing used to make me so happy! It still does! I hope it does continue to make me giddy and smiling and jumping with joy!

There are a lot of sad things and events in the world today so focusing on nature and family and friends is a must to keep one sane! to keep going we all need a ray of sunshine, the smell of leaves and flowers and even rain! 

Today the hubby and I caught the sunrise at our fave spot and our second home. It is the first time we were there at the golden start of day and you can imagine my glee when we spotted the sun all aglow up there! The view was made serene by the chirping of birds and the surrounding clouds and the deserted road. Surely we will find time to catch the next one come Sunday! So yay for the weekend!

I wish all families well in all the world. 😍 

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