Sunday, March 6, 2022

Law School Life

Okay so lately I figured I should focus on studying. I mean learning the law, not just memorizing for the sake of passing a quiz or an exam. Needless to say knowledge is power. So to put spice to this law school life, I will make it a habit to post my study notes in this blog which I recently successfully renewed to maximize my inspiration. I have always loved sharing my thoughts through writing and I would not want studying to get in the way plus I need a breather from the stress. There are already several case digests published in this blog. I intend to review by making outlines of my subjects here. 

The purpose is for fun! Hmmm at least for me. It will be a bonus should others find browsing my thoughts motivational :D

 Above is my newly arranged study table. I used to take for granted a good table layout mmm er more accurately I used to study in bed hahaha :D

I realized hope not too late  I always end up snoring when studying on top of my pillows and hugging my blanket hahahaha.

So here goes...I will be posting my first few study notes soon! yay! 🙋

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