Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Budget Bathroom Facelift in 4 Simple Steps


For those of you wanting to decorate your bathroom but are worried about the cost then fear not there are lots of fantastic ways to give your bathroom a facelift without breaking the bank. You no longer need lots of cash to transform your bathroom into a peaceful and stylish space as there are plenty of tricks on how to renovate and redesign this room on a budget. Read on for our top tips on remodeling your bathroom without having to spend heaps of cash.


Yes, this can be an expensive job but not if done in thriftily. Tiling gets expensive, especially when you hire a professional to do it. However you can actually take on the tiling yourself as when done carefully it is a pretty straightforward DIY job. Buying new tiles can cost money however there is a cheap way to do it. If you go for a small selection of expensive tiles to create a feature border and then fill the rest of the space with cheaper and more plain tiles then this will have a really attractive look but will cost a fraction of the price. So have a look into the more expensive tiles that you think would make a stylish border and then go for a plain tile that compliments the colour of the border tile that you have chosen.

Budget Countertops

Of course granite countertops are expensive but there are more cost effective options out there. As neutral colours are the most popular, such as brown and beige, they are also more expensive so why not consider opting for a less popular colour that is slightly cheaper.

Another way to save on granite countertops is by opting for a slab with one or two imperfections. Buyers are usually put off by granite tops that contain imperfections. However as your sink basin will take up the majority of the space if the imperfection is where the sink or taps will be you won’t even be able to see it anyway.

Be Organised

One thing major thing that people underestimate when taking on a bathroom renovation is the amount of rubbish and debris you accumulate as the remodelling takes place. Therefore it is recommendable to hire a rubbish removal company like,, who will be able to pick up all your old fittings and fixtures and all the rubbish that a job like this accrues. Getting someone to take care of these unwanted items is a great idea to ensure that you don’t have old sinks and baths and general rubbish cluttering up your front yard for any longer than it needs to.


We can’t talk about a bathroom facelift without talking about giving it a lick of paint. Check out a website like,, for tips on how to paint your bathroom, if you have never done any painting before. A fresh coat of paint and a new paint scheme does wonders in livening up any bathroom and transforming the space from old and tatty to fresh, relaxing and stylish.

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