Monday, May 22, 2017

Forget Me Not! 7 Things in the Home That You’re Forgetting to Clean

Spring cleaning can be a pain, but it’s important if we want a sparkling home that is both presentable and hygienic. Unfortunately, there are places that we can miss and, if left for too long, can end up being almost impossible to clean or very costly to deal with. If you’re giving your home a spring clean soon, then here are five places that you should not overlook.

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Under furniture and appliances

Ever accidentally dropped some crumbs, only to look down and be puzzled at where it could have gone? You most likely kicked it under something like a chair or the fridge, and while those places are extremely difficult to reach for the average person, they’re easy pickings for mice, rats and ants. Make sure you give these small areas a good clean next time.

Tiles and grout

It seems strange that your bathroom tiles and grout can get dirty if they’re constantly exposed to steam and water, but grime can easily build up on these surfaces and it’s a good idea to clean them up. Tile and grout cleaning can also extend outdoors, to your kitchen and other places in your house. Wherever there are tiles, you’ve probably neglected to clean it in the past.

Trash cans

Cleaning out a trash can isn’t very pleasant, but it’s something you have to do or else you’ll get nasty odours coming from the bins and they could become nesting grounds for insects and rodents. Give your trash cans a good clean every month or so with some hot water and plenty of soap and disinfectant to shoo away those nasty smells.

Ceiling fans

When your ceiling fans aren’t in use, they can easily start collecting dust and once you turn them on again, it’s going to spread that dust all over the room. Keep your home healthy by dusting everything, even your ceiling fan. Give it a nice clean and wipe down the blades.

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Cleaning items

How can an item designed for cleaning ever get dirty? If you think about it, it’s not that farfetched! Dirty mops, dusty brooms and yucky cloths can easily accumulate the grime and bacteria that they are designed to clean, so make sure you give these a nice wash between uses so that they don’t become breeding grounds for harmful bacteria and mites.

Light switches

Switches are common places for people to place their hands on. Much like the bars and supports people hold onto in public (such as on stairs or on transport) they can be places for people to transfer bacteria and viruses if you’re not careful. Give your switches a good spray and a clean—especially if someone in the house is ill and contagious!


Drawers might be closed all the time, but that doesn’t mean they can’t harbour dust, mites and all kinds of junk. Give all your drawers a good clean by pulling them out and wiping them down. Clean up the dust, clean the things inside, then pop the drawer back in. You don’t need to do this often, but it’s worth keeping this in mind.

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