Monday, January 30, 2017

Keeping Fit And Having Fun: Why These Two Make A Great Pairing

When you hear the words 'health' and 'hobbies' you probably don't immediately put the two of them together. Anything healthy - whether it's a food or an activity - is typically seen as a bit of a slog for most of us. Something we have to do to keep ourselves fit and to set a good example to our kids, but not exactly anything we really enjoy. But not finding enjoyment in your diet or exercise regime can easily cause you to fall off the bandwagon. After all, who wants to put themselves through something they don't like? What a lot of us forget, however, is that there are actually plenty of ways for us to keep active and healthy that aren't dull at all. Here are just some of them.

Playing games with your children

As a mom, you will know that your kids have a seemingly boundless supply of energy. When they are in the right mood, they can be little firecrackers - running around for hours until they are exhausted! So, instead of going to the gym (which everyone knows can be pretty mindless) why not just join in with your children's games as a way to get fit? For example, next time you all visit the local park together, don't just sit on a bench and watch them - get up and get involved! As well as keeping yourself active, it's also a great way to bond with your kids.

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Starting a dance class

Taking up dance classes is a great way to enjoy yourself and shed the pounds at the same time. Dance is a great cardiovascular activity that works out your whole body. Plus, it is also good for your mind, as it has been said that learning and remembering the various moves is a a great way to help boost your long-term memory and muscle memory. You will probably leave most sessions pretty sweaty, even if you didn't realize that you were even exercising! It's also a great way to meet new people, or try and drag your partner along for some couple bonding time! One of the good things about dance is its diversity - there are so many styles to choose from. You may want to do a sultry salsa, or keep things elegant with a classic waltz. Or, you could go to the totally opposite end of the spectrum and look into contemporary dance or tap dance.

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Learning to love cooking

So many of us see cooking as nothing more than a chore - a simple way to put food on the table for us and our family. But if you are cooking the same things over and over, chances are you're a little bit bored. Cooking can be very therapeutic and it is actually a good opportunity for you to invest in some 'me-time'. Try your hand at something new - something you know you will really enjoy eating. Put your favorite music on, or your favorite TV show on in the background and see if you can cook up a storm.

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