Thursday, November 24, 2016

Slept In Dagupan Village Hotel

Psssttt I have so many late posts- you know, hotels I stayed in I haven't shared on this blog. This is one of them, obviously. December last year we stayed in a hotel at the heart of Pangasinan. What I love about the place, I captured. Pardon the grainy shots with my phone cam. 
I've offcially ditched my DSLR, it got broken- kids used it blah blah, no regrets, the kiddo won first place in a national photo contest before the camera died. Anyhow, I have developed a chronic laziness in carrying the heavy gadget.

Back to the hotel thingy- so the room we stayed in was ALL BLUE! You bet I had a super great time sleeping on something that is colored my favorite!

My favorite spot was the sofa above. The curtain had a modern design that made me feel oh well, young and vibrant.

The loo had the needed supplies and for me, as long as there's abundant water I am good.

"Live Outside The Box."

Yep, I try to live outside the box most of the time. Above, I think I was breathing in hard to hide my belly fats sans the cropping of the shot LOL.

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