Thursday, November 24, 2016

Keep the Spark Alive: Fun Ideas For Date Night

When you’ve got young children, life becomes busier than it has ever been. But it is so important to keep the spark alive in your marriage or relationship. Otherwise, you can get easily distracted in the raising of children. Then once they are all grown up, you don’t have a proper relationship anymore. So the best thing is to work on it as you go along. Every relationship needs work to help it flourish. So having a regular date night is a great way to do it. There are lots of fun things you can do at home for date nights, as we can’t always get babysitters. But I’m going to share some fun things that you can do outside of the home. Who doesn’t like to leave the house for a date every now and again?


Book Tickets For Something

As you will notice with young children, a lot more in life needs to be scheduled in. It can be much harder to be spontaneous. But for now, that is fine. It just means you need to plan a little in advance for things. So book tickets for something and put it down in the calendar. When was the last time you went to a concert or gig together? How about to see a sport that you both love? You could even book some tickets as a surprise for your other half. It might not be your favorite team, but it will mean a big deal to your love. Somewhere like The Ticket Merchant might be a good place to look at how much it could cost.

Indulge in a Fancy Meal

As date nights out of the home are a little less often, it can be nice to really splash out every now and again. So how about booking a meal at a highly rated restaurant? You could visit a Michelin starred restaurant and enjoy something that you’d never have with the kids around. A real meal for grown-ups. It can be fun to get dressed up all fancy too. If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to fine dining, just head to a regular restaurant. Who says you can’t dress up there either?


Recreate Your First Date

Can you remember what your first date together was? It can be fun, as well as romantic to recreate that date. Did you go for drinks or see a movie at the cinema? It is nice to reminisce and see how far you have come together. It can be hard to do too many romantic things with little ones. So this ticks the box for romantic for sure.

Explore Somewhere New

This will depend on what time you have and whereabouts you live. But taking some time out to do something new is always fun. It could be exploring a new hiking trail, museum or park. Just check out your local area, or somewhere within driving distance. Then pick something that suits your taste. Just have some fun with it and explore!

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