Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Wedding Planning: Proposal Traditions and Realities

You know when you get to a certain point in your relationship. You might start to talk about getting married and what life might hold for the two of you. When those conversations have been had, what is the next step? It would usually be the proposal and engagement. It is such a special occasion, though, which can require a little bit of planning. It is so important to make it a memorable occasion, for all of the right reasons! So here are just a few tips and bits of advice for planning a proposal.


First thing is first; you will most likely need a ring. Choosing a ring is one of the biggest steps to make the proposal happen. Some people get a ‘dummy’ ring to propose with, with the plan of picking one out together afterwards. So just getting a cheaper ring is all that you would need. You will just need to explain to your other half that you will be going to pick out a new one together. If you would prefer to propose with a ring, then you need to think about they style you should choose. Do you want it to be quite a traditional cut and diamond? Would you opt for a more unusual gem like a ruby or topaz? So think about your love and what they might like. Browsing online, somewhere like Verragio rings, is such a good idea to see what is out there. You can see what is available in your budget and go from there. Traditionally, an engagement ring should be worth three months of your salary. This isn’t a figure that many stick to these days, though.

Then how you are actually going to propose needs to be planned. Traditionally you would ask your other half’s parents for their hand in marriage. This does happen nowadays, but probably less often than you think. So judge their relationship with their parents and if it is relevant.

Have you always imagined proposing in a certain way? If not, then a traditional way is to think about a place that is special for the two of you. It might be somewhere that you went on one of your very first dates. It could be where you declared your love for each other for the first time, or where you had your first kiss. You might just want to do it somewhere less romantic and a little more fun, if you don’t want to opt for the down on one knee approach. It could be at the beach or just a cosy night in at home. If you are both adrenaline junkies, it could even be while on a rollercoaster! I hope this has given you a few ideas to think about.

If you can, letting a handful of other people in on the secret is a good idea. It can be nice to document the proposal by having some photographs taken at the time. Unless it is in a setting where other people should be, it would be good to get your friends to hide. You don’t want them to give the game away! Good luck planning your proposal.

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