Tuesday, August 16, 2016

3 Ways to Keep Your Marriage Vows

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Oh yeah, the hubby swears he LOVES me and that I am his PRECIOUS! (pronounced scarily LOL). He went on his knees begging for forgiveness weeks ago LOL. Yep, we have our share of drama-rama every now and then. Yet, we remain married because....


I can not claim to be a hundred percent goody goody wife! I have my shortcomings and he has his flaws. Yet, we look beyond those imperfections and choose to say okay, I FORGIVE YOU. 


Yes, we could make a comic book or a TV series out of our daily conversations. I guess our companionship is kinda made between heaven and hell LOL. So on Earth we are both plants haha! We nurture each other's heart through making each other smile when the other is gloomy. What is there to be gloomy about in a marriage? A myriad of things dear! Work is an essential thing to focus on. It must not be too intense as to shadow your married life. You must talk about making your FAMILY the priority. And then laugh about not earning too much to sustain life's needs LOL. Laugh but still work hard. Ain't that funny? 


I often ask ze hubby what makes other marriages get broken and he says "I think it is because they LOVE their individual selves more than they LOVE the marriage". They allow pride to ruin the JOY. Well INFIDELITY is a common denominator. For other cases, his theory might apply LOL. So love, love, love until love verily becomes the start and end of your relationship.


We pray, for us to be together, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health...'til death do us part..

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