Friday, August 19, 2016

Slimming Goals!

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Yay! I can't believe my tummy no longer bulges when I wear body hugging clothes! LOL Hmmmm I wonder why still though I know I am on a healthy diet haha. I have totally ditched soda and I have learned to say no to extra rice.  I used to consume unlimited rice and unlimited cake and ice cream. Now I only have a bite or two of sweet treats and that's it! When I crave for snack I usually munch fruits, the citrus kind mostly. And I move about at home. Like, really move around even when I get home from work. I do the laundry the traditional way, I fix things in the kitchen. I even enjoy going to the market with the hubby now! Amazing eh? 

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When I eat rice I make sure it is laden with greens. The one above is with celery. I love the crunchy feel of the celery stalk and the kinda minty smell of the leaves when I munch. I realized I get to consume less rice and viand when I prepare it that way.  The rest of my stomach is filled with fruit juice. I am planning to purchase dresses soon! I'll keep you posted. Follow me on IG will you?

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