Friday, August 19, 2016

On the Wings of Friendship

     Many times in our lives, we experience pain. There are moments when the sky seems to be so dark and nothing could compare to the anguish that we are suffering. On such occasions we are left thinking and talking to ourselves almost to the point of madness-"What have I done wrong?" "What have I done to have deserved this?" ...We go on and on blaming ourselves until we go weary of analyzing and probing our hearts and souls still unable to swallow our pride, unable to forgive or erase our guilt or vanish the hurt. For a time solitude becomes our refuge that we build walls around us that allows no one to enter not even the closest to us. And then we realize like magic, waking up one morning that the problems in our lives are nothing compared to that of many out there…that the fact that we woke up is a sign that we have to go on and help in changing the world into a better place. What better thought to wake up to than the realization that there are people around us who are just a thought away, who would run as fast as they could to get to our side the moment we call out their name. They would do anything just to cheer us up from willingly listening to our nonsense to taking the blame, to looking ridiculous, to taking the risk to taking the leap for us if only to show us that we are loved and cared for and that nothing in this world is too heavy to be carried by that thing called "genuine FRIENDSHIP".....

Friendship makes each grey sky sparkle
each dark cloud turn into glitters
each dreary feeling to glee
and gives us wings to fly
across the most beautiful skies


     I feel so blessed to have so many of you out there who would take the leap with me....from all the chapters of my life,  from childhood to this difficult thing called mid-Adulthood where decisions are no longer made from tossing a coin or a game of solitaire...I may not make a list of all your beautiful names here but I know deep inside you all know I am talking to you and sincerely thanking you, for being a part of my LIFE....FLY WITH ME, ALL OF YOU, ON THE WINGS OF FRIENDSHIP!...I too will always be with you, in thoughts and prayer, with all humility......


two winged-friends I found one sky watching day

     Celebrating the gift of friendship......may all the friendships in the world be blessed with LOVE and all the goodness that we share....

                                                                                         proud to be thy friend,

                                                                                         Kulasa/ Zenserly

3 yorum:

  1. Gorgeous photos, Zen, and yes friendship is like topping on a cake. It makes life so much sweeter to wake up in the morning..

  2. Yes, friendship is indeed like a tonic that keeps us interested in life. It is one of the most beautiful things in the world.
    Lovely post, fabulous captures!
    Have a wonderful sunday Kulasa :)

  3. Nothing quite like it! beautiful post.


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